Monday, September 04, 2006

I have a new nutrition plan for my Dec comp. Looks like plenty of good food to allow me to train and to get stronger, while dropping bf to make the new weight category.

Physio has cleared my knee to start back squatting slowly - yeah!!

Deadlifting is going well and did 85kgs for 8 reps this week.

Bench finally improving with the addition of wrist wraps and power belt, and a slight change of technique. Did 8 reps @ 45kgs.

3 months to go....and I need to keep the focus on training and not diet - still have that focus from BB that I need to remove.


Splice said...

I would be interested to know what your nutrition is like for powerlifting. I would imagine it would be a higher calorie diet. Does it consist of alot of protein and carbs?

Lisa said...

Deb, It is probably actually pretty close to what you would be doing. Josh does my nutrition and is assisting me to get to 52kgs for my next comp.

8 meals a day, high protein, lots of vege and oats/carb twice a day.

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