Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Training round up for my final week before holidays.

Deadlifts - very heavy at 3 reps @ 105kgs. Good news is thatI can now tell my coach where I may have a weakness to be worked on.

Bench - 55kg PB on one rep - still needs more progress, but again I am confident we have isolated a weakness to be worked on. Shoulder is a little sore - but not causing strength losses.

Squat - 80kgs for 3 reps. Knee is healing very well, and narrow stance looks strong. The sets fatigued me, and it was a humbling reminder of the challenge ahead.

Diet - another 1/2 kilo loss, and while I had a couple of very hungry days which resulted in extra calorie consumption - it was modest and just enough to top me up for training.

In summary I am very excited about the 8 week countdown for when I return from Vietnam.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Personal Best

I did a personal best on the bench press this morning; 55kgs - almost a body weight lift. I am not sure that it would have been a legal comp lift - but it was good enough to crack a mental barrier for me. It also showed up a major floor in my strength, so my coach has a plan to work on that and get to 60kgs for the Dec comp - very happy today!!!!

Congratulations to Lia and her hubby on their success at the ADF BB comp this week . I have to say that Lia's look was sensational.

Monday, September 25, 2006

That is the only way I can explain power lifting. Actually I could probably add scary. I deadlifted yesterday (3 reps) and was hoping to do 110kgs. I ended up doing 105kgs and it was so heavy. It was just so heavy. My form was off slightly and it wasn't a good session. It is such a phsycological effort as well. I did some extra walking on the weeknd, and I may not have been rested enough either. I need to be so careful with rest and recovery when I am lifting heavy.
However on a positive note, I learnt (learning) how to snatch. I was terrible at it, but it was heaps of fun and a good strength/power training exercise.
We go to Vietnam in 4 days - yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

I am fatigued and hungry today.

It has been pretty big week of lifting. I did 3 sets of 5 reps this week;
Deads on Monday 100kgs
Bench on Wed 47.5kgs
Squat on Thur 75kgs

I also did 2 spin classes and a few walking sessions to remove the lactic acid. My knee is recouperating very well -and my coach thinks we may keep the narrow stance squat I have adopted to build the vastis medialis. I had no issue with 75kgs and there was certainly power left, however I would feel stronger with a slightly wider stance and my toes pointing out a bit - I might suggest that this week.

I am resting up this weekend as I am doing 3 sets of 3 reps next week - ouch. I would like to do the following;

Dead 110kgs
Bench 50kgs
squat 85kgs

I am dieting to get to about 54kgs before the next comp. About 5kgs away - it is going well, although I had extra nuts on Wed as I was hammered. I am not having "free meals" like I used to with BB, I just have a bit extra when my body needs it for a training perspetive or I feel if I don't have a treat i will fall off the plan. I also do quite few lunches with my work, and while I always choose a good option and never have alcohol, I can't control what is served - so I may consume a litte more on occassion. I am very comfortable with this approach and it never sees me binging like I did on a "free meal" in the past. I have a weakness for peanut butter, so iam trialing avocado as a substitue - seems to be working well so far.

I am taking my Son to the movies at midday - it is just him and I today. It is very quite a low key today as both of us are happy just to hang out, which is just the type of day I need. calm.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sometimes it is tough being a Mum.

My beautiful 14 year old daughter has recently been signed up by June Dally Watkins models - which was a great suprise and wonderful moment for us all. They have contacted her about her first shoot with them, and we will be in Vietnam on a famliy holiday and she can't do it. I feel so guilty about the fact that we won't be here. I know this is just the beginning for her, and she will have plenty of opportunity in the near and distant future etc, etc - but when you are a Mum logic doesn't come into it.
Worst yet - I still have to tell her. Oh yuk - I can see the disappointment in those huge brown eyes already!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bench Press
Here are the rules for performing a legal bench press in power lifting. It is a very technical lift, and it is so easy to get disqualified trying to remember correct technique. I am off to bench press training this morning, and I have to attemp a legal lift on every rep - yeah, like that is going to happen!

1) The lifter approaches the bench with the top of the bench facing the audience and the judges.

2) The lifter must lie backwards with the head, shoulders and buttocks in contact with the bench. The lifter receives the bar at arm's length from the spotters.

3) On receiving a command from the head judge to "Start", the bar is brought down onto the chest, paused and then it is pressed back to the starting position.

4) The head judge then gives the command " rack" with a movement of the hand backwards. The bar is then returned to the bench racks.

5) The lifter is then judged on the lift.

Causes for disqualification in the Bench Press

1) Failure to observe the referee's signals.

2) Any change in the elected position of the shoulders, head, raising of buttocks, lateral movement of hands, or excessive movement of the feet during the lift itself.

3) Inadequate pause of the bar on the chest as well as heaving or bouncing the bar off the chest.

4) Allowing the bar to sink into the chest on the upward press.

5) Uneven extension of the arms during the lift.

6) Any downward motion of the bar on the upward press.

7) Contact with the bar by the spotters during the lift.

8) Any contact with the lifters shoes on the bench during the lift.

9) Deliberate contact with the uprests of the bench and the bar in order to assist the lift.

10) Failure of the centre spotter to give the central referee a clear view.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I am having one of those days that is very busy, I am achieving a lot - but i am so tired that I can't wait to get home and lie on the couch in my tracky daks.

I did half a spin class this morning and my knee was perfect. I am really seeing improvement and expect to be able to squat heavy without issue next program. I have just had notification that a large deal that I was sweating on will be in tomorrow, which means that I will be 100% of my quota for this quarter - wow what a relief. I can now relax a little and look forward to my holiday in Vietnam.

I have never been to Vietnam and the whole family (4 of us) are going. We have about 10 days there, and it will be so good to get away from work and training. I am really looking forward to the food

We start in the north in Hanoi, and then fly down to Ho Chi min city. We are doing 2 organised tours and a some free days by ourselves. I am so excited!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


5 hours after my training session this morning, and my back, glutes and hamstrings are starting to tighten up! I did 3 sets of 5 reps @ 100kgs. Why does 100kgs seem 20kgs heavier than 95ks? Is it that when you see 2 plates per side the mind does weird things?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Muscle, muscle and more muscle..

That is how I am feeling at the moment. I am sure every morning I wake up I have more muscle, and not just new muscle - thicker, deeper, hard muscle. It is everywhere - calves, chest, back, quads, biceps, glutes - GLUTES!! serious bubble butt going on. I have estimated that I have put on about 3-4kgs of new muscle since changing to Powerlifting and it shows no sign of slowing yet. I should have expected it, but I thought after 4 years of BB training I wouldn't have that initial growth that I did when I started serious weight training - WOW was I wrong!

So an experience lifter can still grow - 3 words, SQUAT, BENCH, DEADLIFT.

No supps - just good clean food

Friday, September 15, 2006

I was at the gym this morning and talking to a couple of the people getting ready for this years bodybuilding competitions. One of them showed me her new bikini (from Jo Rogers of course), and was talking about that stubborn lower body fat. I always thought than when this moment came - when everyone else was lean and tanning that I would struggle and "feel fat", and wish I hadn't changed my mind about competing. However, it was not like I had though it would be at all. I felt pleased and happy for them, but there was no desire to be doing it to. While I never really achieved what I would have liked in bodybuilding I feel at peace with my achievements.

So here is my farwell to something that was a HUGE part of my life and has taught me invaluable lessons.

Time to move forward.................

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thanks to Lia for welcoming me into this community. I am looking forward to seeing your second season of competition - and will be waiting by to see the pics!!!

Powerlifting is a long way from the glamour of figure, and to be honest I am missing the sparkly bikinis, heels and tan just a little . I spend my time in bonds t-shirts, shin guards, belts, wraps - and very sexy squatting shoes!!

However I am very into power lifitng and wouldn't swap my adidas squat shoes for platform heels for anything these days.

I did a PB in power cleans today - 4 reps @40kgs. This was a psychological barrier for me, so am pleased to see that fall.

Dinner time! Meal 6 of 8.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is me under 95kgs at my last comp. I have this as my wallpaper on my laptop to act as inspiration at work.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I have a new nutrition plan for my Dec comp. Looks like plenty of good food to allow me to train and to get stronger, while dropping bf to make the new weight category.

Physio has cleared my knee to start back squatting slowly - yeah!!

Deadlifting is going well and did 85kgs for 8 reps this week.

Bench finally improving with the addition of wrist wraps and power belt, and a slight change of technique. Did 8 reps @ 45kgs.

3 months to go....and I need to keep the focus on training and not diet - still have that focus from BB that I need to remove.

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