Monday, April 30, 2007

I had a great day at work, and I am very confident of getting my plan together over the next week or 2 for the next financial year. (well most of it anyway)

My squat training session this morning was torturous as expected, and my cardio fitness is dreadful. I will address this over the next few weeks and I expect to get back in shape pretty quickly. While I love the taper period the month before a competition, the first few weeks getting back into it are really tough. I am going to spin tomorrow, and I am hoping to hide up the back and take it relatively easy.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Well...back to it! I have a lot of work to do over the next week to catch up and plan for the year ahead. I am planning on getting on top of my work over the next week.

It is 12 weeks next Saturday to the National Powerlifting Titles. I go back to training tomorrow, and I will also use this week to arrange my training schedule for the next 3 months. I need to consider my 4 PL sessions as well as fitting in bikram yoga, plyometrics and stair running. I would also like to do some sprint training as many options, and I need to ensure I get enough rest as well. In fact leading up to my last comp I had a lot of rest which I am used to now. I think it will be quite tough ramping up again.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Home sweet home!

We arrived home about midnight last night, and I slept like a baby. I am off to a body builidng comp today to support some friends.


Friday, April 27, 2007

I am at Starbuck's at KL airport on the way home to Brissy. It has been a very busy time here with work, although Michael and I were able to hav some time together. I found a new favourite Designer, Karen Miller, and bought some great work gear. Apparently there is a store in Sydney so I will need to have a look there when I am in Sydney in May.
I have one more day's "rest", and then I go back to training on Monday. Right now I am so tired, the thought of doing hard lifting work is pretty awful - it only takes a week off. I will need to cut back my food treats, and get back into cardio training as well. I imagine the next few weeks will see me struggling with some lactic acid pain.
Tomorrow I am going to the local INBA comp to support a few people I know that are competing. I haven't been to a body building comp in a long time, so it will be interesting hanging out with the "orange people".
My flight is being called...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello from KL...
I am busy from early morning to late in the evening with work seminars and functions, and in fact this is the first time since I arrived that I have had time to sit at my laptop to do any actual work.
I finish my work committments tonight, then Michael and I get one day to play before we go home.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am feeling rather pleased and happy today. I have thought about my performance on Sat, and I am happy with all my attempts - both successful and not. I have learnt more about competing, preparation and what work I need to do for further progression. I am particularily happy about how I managed my weight and nutrition prior to the comp, as well as my comp day performance nutrition and recovery food. I have pulled up well, and will just continue to refine this process.

So how did I feel about my lifts?

Squat - 2 good solid lifts at 95/100kgs. While I didn't get my 3rd attempt of 105kg, I did in fact get it up but unfortunately I lost control of the weight before I could rack it. I know I have it in me. I am pleased with my set up technique and depth. I need to work on the finish and do more work with the really heavy weights. I will also get a better squat suit, which may assist.

Bench - 2 solid lifts 57.5/62.5kgs. Failed 65kgs. It was simply too heavy. 62.5kgs is aPB, and considering my recent augementation and recovery and the chronic shoulder issues I am impressed with this, and am looking forward to further progress as my shoulder gets more stable.

Deadlift - attempt 1; 122.5kg - warm up lift. Attempt 2; 130kgs was a new PB. I really worked for this, and I was so incredibly nervous before the lift. 130kgs is a big lift for a 55kg woman and I am so pleased with this and my progress in the deadlift. My 3rd attempt was 132.5kgs, and I pulled this about 2/3 of the way, but just couldn't lock it out. I absolutely gave it my all and on the day it was too heavy. I am very quick off the ground, and I could probably get another 10kgs up but I need to work on the strength at the top of the lift. This means that a 140kg lift at Nationals is a real possibility; based on an upper body strength increase in training over the next 14 weeks.

My new total is 292.5kgs - the same comp last year, which was my first, my total was 245kgs. My plan is that this time next year, my blog is recording another 50kg increase in PB total!

After my comp I had the rest of the weekend free to have a few food treats, and I now I have the next 5 days in KL for work, pleasure and a rest from training. Then I will think about Nationals...


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Just a few actions shots from today
Basic stats are;
body weight 55.3kgs
Squat 100kgs
Bench 62.5kgs new PB
Dead 130kgs new PB
Total 292.5kgs new PB

Friday, April 20, 2007

This is my final pre comp post. I have made weight.

I didn't sleep as well as what I would have liked - as usual. However I am 55.8kgs and it is 5am. I was hoping for a little more loss overnight, but on the positive side it does mean I am not overly dehydrated and I still have 2 1/2 hours to drop another 300gms - just to make sure.

I will be lifting in 12 hours. I have had a very relaxing day, and my weight is currently 56.4kgs. I expect to drop 800gms over night, so I hope to come in at about 55.6kgs.

I am pretty tired and a little thirsty but not too bad. I certainly feel a lot better than I have the night before all my other comps. Experience is a great thing.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

It is a new day!

I slept so well, and while I was still up early this morning I am feeling very calm. While I was in the sauna yesterday I did some stretching and realised my lower back was very tight and I was holding a lot of tension and emotion. I had my massage therapist concentrate on loosing up my back, and as a result I am breathing deeper and my chest/heart has opened up. So that heavy knot in the top of the stomach that can be so debilitating has gone.......ahhhhhhhhhhh!

So what will today bring? Excitment and nerves!!

Weight is 56.4kgs - perfect. I will have a day of good nutrition, but cut my water intake by 1/3 to flush out 500gms. I also have a 6pm sauna booked if I need to pull any more water out. I will go into my comp tomorrow well nourished.

At 8am I am doing a technique and light lifting session with my coach. There are quite a few rules around what is a legal lift, and in all the excitment it is easy to forget these seemingly small yet crucial points.

Mid morning, my Mum arrives, then 4pm my Step Dad arrives. I also need to take Tim to boxing after school.

Tonight I will prepare my food for tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh dear!
I woke up at about 2am this morning with stomach pains.....and yes the gastro I had a couple of weeks ago has returned. The worst thing is it is so energy zapping!
I will be well, I will be well............

2 days to go.

I now have 2 days off work to focus on total recovery and making weight (the final 800gms).

My plan for the day is;

6.30am walk

10am rebel sport (2 new gym sacks to separate my lifitng equipment)

1pm sauna

2pm massage

3.15pm hair appointment

The remainder of the day will be rest, eating, and lots of water and green tea.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yesterday I had a massage to release my back, glutes and quads - ahhh! Actually it was a little painful, but it felt so good! I also had accupuncture for my joints, and finished off with an infrared sauna. While I still woke early today , I had a much better night's sleep and feel little more confident about lifting on Saturday. I have 3 more days rest, and I think I am going to need every moment to fully recover. I have a sauna everyday, and another deep tissue massage on Thursday. My plan is that by Friday afternoon I am so rested that I am getting a little impatient to lift some weights again - but I don't feel like that now.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Full recovery time now. I benched 60kgs for 2 reps and 62.5kgs for 1. That is a PB, but it was a struggle and I fatigued on my last set and couldn't get it up. I need to rest, as I am feeling a little weak.

I'd love a little more sleep right now. I am going to bed just before 9pm, and waking about 5am - generally starving. I am tossing and turning a little about my comp, and I hope that I may get more rest after today.

Today is my last heavy training session, and I am quite excited to be finishing. I squatted yesterday, and after giving my small suit another go we went back to the larger one. I had to calm myself and ended up squating well, albiet lighter than I really wanted. I am a little disappointed that my first attempt will be lower than planned, but I prefer these challenges happen in training than on the day! So today is bench and will be a new PB. I am seeing improvement in my bench strength and it is a good way to end my preparation.

My weight is only 700gms above my weight category. I love it when a plan comes together.


This is for my sister who is in Scotland. Kimberlie has been eliminated!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

In all the excitment and fear of preparing for States Titles I totally forgot to mention that I am going to Kuala Lumpur for work on the Monday after my comp. I am staying at the Mandarin (in the picture above), and lucky for me Michael is coming too!!!! I have 2 1/2 day of conference and 2 1/2 days to play - a great treat.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It is 6am on Sunday morning 6 days before States. The past week has been pretty tough, starting with disappointment with my squat suit and that drama (build a bridge and get over it - right Lia?). My bench session was solid, and in fact when I look back on it I did reps at my PB with one more training session to go. At this point it is my most improved lift and I can realistically do a 65kg bench next weekend. I have had minor chronic injury issues with my right shoulder so I have always been a little down about my bench performance. However I can feel the strength coming back and I actually believe I can really start to nail a great bench - this is a fantastic realisation for me. My goal is to bench 70kgs at Nationals in July.
The deadlift is seeing solid progress each comp. This time last year in the week before my first competition I did 2 reps at 100kgs, July was 110kg, and Nov was 117.5kg. This time is was 125kgs, and it was heavy and I have never worked so hard in a PL training session. I expect I have a 130kg+ lift in me and this makes me very nervous - it is going to really hurt.
My weight jumps around when I lift very heavy, but settles within a day or so. It is coming back to 57kg each time this week - so I am only 1kg over weight - no stress on that.
Time for a relaxing recovery walk, and a a coffee.
It was a rest day today, and very well deserved. My deadlifitng sets yesterday were at my PB,125kgs, and as a result Nic wants me to attempt 130kgs for my second lift at the comp- yeah!
My central nervous system went crazy yesterday and was I totally exhausted until mid morning today. I felt like I had just completed an entire comp, not just a deadlifting session.
So today, I had breakfast with my kids and sister, then cruised at home until it was time for a sauna, massage and accupuncture. I feel very relaxed now and one more day of rest till my last squat session on Monday and last bench on Tuesday.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I think this sums it up!

2 reps at 125kgs for 3 sets.

Here' hoping I have this look in my eyes at today's deadlifitng training!

"8 1/2 days to go".

I get quite nervous when I say that. My last deadlifting session tomorrow and I am anxious as usual. I tried my new suit on this morning, and I managed to get it up about 70% of the way. It is a much more advanced (expensive) suit than my other suits, and I can really tell. I don't know what to expect - but we will know at 8am tomorrow. In fact I went to the Inzer website to look at their premium squat suit, and will get that for Nationals in July.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's here!!My new deadlifitng suit - exactly like this.

After yesterday's disappointment I walked in to the gym this morning and Nic had my new deadlifting suit, bench shirt and wrist wraps! yeah! It was exactly the boost I needed. I benched 60kgs for 3 sets of 3 reps . 60kg is my 1 rep max PB. Talk about swinging emotions.


Does that suit hurt?

I took this looking down on my left thigh yesterday morning after squatting in my Inzer suit.

My training yesterday didn't turn out at all like I expected. It took Nic about 10 mins to get me into the suit, and then about another 20 mins of very painful squatting to get any sort of depth and I had very little control. After a few attempts with suit, wraps and 95kgs on my shoulders I managed a passable squat. I have some bad bruising where the suit ends at the top of my quad, and I am a little concerned that I still haven't squatted over 95kgs yet and I only have one more squat sesson left . On the positive side I had no real trouble with the weight and I had a lot of power coming up, also the suit is now stretched a little and my weight has also droppped 1/2 kg. Assuming I can drop another few hundred grams and I can get a little more comfortable in the suit I will be able to leverage that power. I am feeling a little flat.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I am all nervous energy this morning.

Very nervous and excited about my squat session. I slept well and had plenty of rest over the past 3 days. I am ready - I'm sure I am ready.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

You can see what muslce developement powerlifting has added to my back. Left is Jul 03 and right is Apr 07.

The photo on the left was taken in April 2003 @ 53kgs, the photo on the right 4 years later taken this morning @ 57kgs.

Happpy Easter Pics
Charlotte and me

Charlotte, me and Michael

Me and Timmy

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Amazing how 24 hours can change your perspective.

Yesterday I was calm - today it is less than 2 weeks and I am getting nervous. Thinking about walking onto the lifitng stage for that first squat, no wonder there is so much pressure on the squat as a lift being the first event!

Yesterday I weighed 1.5kgs over my 56kg weight class - this morning I have had one of those totally unexplained female overnight weight increases. I know and can see the fluid in my ankles etc, and I know it will go as quickly as it came. However I have planned to be just above weight during the last few weeks and drop down 2 weeks before........

Sometimes I walk past a window or a mirror and I look so small and feminine, and I doubt that I could possibly achieve the goals I have. I don't look like a powerlifter - then I don't feel like one.

I have 2 more days of rest before I go back to my final 6 lifting sessions before I comp and I think I will go and distract myself!


Friday, April 06, 2007

No Easter eggs for me.
My weight is perfectly positioned for my comp in 2 weeks, so I am just maintaining, and the gastro has made another visit. So even if I could eat them, I can't. I don't feel so bad now.

2 weeks to QLD State Powerlifting Titles today!

The event is being held from 10am, in the Queen St Mall Bne (stage outside Myer)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Progress is the only way I can describe my week. It has been a rollercoaster of a week, and not all like I expected it to turn out. This time last week, my work financial year had just finished, my health was better and I was ready to focus and roll at 3 weeks to comp. Then I had gastro for more than a week, which of course caused issues with nutrition, energy and training. So I was not able to achieve some of the lifting I had planned on, however I did finish on a high with my deadlift coming to the rescue in the 11th hour!

So the progress is that if I take all the emotions out of the week, I improved all lifts and in fact I am doing 3 reps at 5kgs below my 1 rep personal best on all lifts. This means, that assuming I keep lifting as Nic has planned, my first attempt at comp will be either a PB or just over. You gotta be happy with that! I also have some new equipment arriving this week, which will assist my strength.

Just an aside, Alex who Nic also trains and competes in the 60kg div, benched 70kgs for 3 reps this week - that is mad! You go girl!

So the summary

Squat - 95kgs, 3 sets, 3 reps. A little weaker than I would have liked. I am looking forward to a better session on Tuesday at full health to equal my PB of 100kgs. I wear my small Inzer squat suit as well. It is 2 sizes smaller and this will be challenging! (but secretly so much fun!).

Bench - 55kgs, 3 sets, 3 reps. Good solid lifting. Nothing explosive, but steady progress. I may have my new bench shirt by Wed, and in any case I expect to do about 57.5kgs, maybe 60kgs in the smaller shirt.

Deadlift - old faithful. 117.5kgs, 2 sets, 120kgs, 1 set all at 3 reps. I was on the recovery by Thursday morning, I put Alanis Morissett on the CD player, had a berocca and a coffee and dug deep. YES! I am BACK! Should have my new super deadlift suit by next Sat and it will be my last session before comp. No predicitions - no limitations!


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Big deadlifting training today - very nervous, and anxious. Gotta go now!

Oh no! Oh dear! The dreaded gastro made a come back last night - yuk!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This is my coach Nic at last year's State Titles. He called this morning to say that he ripped his quad very badly last night at squat training and won't be competing. This is so devastating and saddening when I think of how much work, effort and pain has gone into his preparation to date. It seems so unfair. I can't imagine how he is feeling right now.
Nic talked me into trying powerlifting in October 2005 sitting backstage at my last bodybuilding competition. I was disappointed with my results, and basically said that I liked bodybuilding but it wasn't quite right - not really the "thing for me". So 2 months later I started training with Nic and had to learn how to deadlift, and relearn how to squat and bench. He was incredibly patient and motivating, and when I look back on how appalling I must have been I am surprised that anyone could have seen that I would develop into a reasonable lifter so quickly.
Nic always focuses me on the objective, knowing that this is a physically punishing sport and preparations don't go smoothly so you can't read too much into the occasional bad session, or small injury, or weight gain etc.
Nic is a patient teacher, and incredible support, and a superb lifter. I love training with him, and look forward to success for both of us on the lifting platform now and in the future.


Well it wasn't the most inspiring bench session yesterday, however it was solid and it was good progress. Sets @ 55kgs.

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