Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oasis for the Soul (5.5 hrs approx)
We all need time out to rejuvenate and inspire our very
being. This definitive pure Spa experience includes a full body
Signature Salt Exfoliation, Vichy Shower, 90 minute Pevonia
Facial, Caviar Spa Manicure and Pedicure, 30 minute Spa
Massage and Spa Cuisine lunch by the pool.

Do I need to say anymore - heaven!

Monday, January 29, 2007

My family is super hero mad! Comics, books, DVDs, PS2 games, t-shirts. I can't believe the number of superheros living in my house!

I am a lot more relaxed today, as Sunday and Monday I was able resolve a number of the issus on my work project. There are still a few outstanding issues, but nothing that should encroach on the rest of my holiday.

I am training with Nic thismorning for the first time in about 10 days, and I am not sure I can remember how to lift properly. I am really into this holiday mode! Then I have my 51/2 hour spa session - yeah!!!!


Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is on the way home from the airport. The kids were very impressed that the car company sent a stretch limo, rather than the usual sedan.

Melbourne was fun. I did Bikram yoga 3 times, went to the sauna twice, 5 walks and only went to the gym once. To be honest I wouldn't have been concerned if I didn't go to the gym at all. We caught up with family and friends, did some shopping and ate lots of Japanese food. I am not sure why that happened - but I love Japanese food. I was an exchange student their when i was 16 for 12 months, and studied Japanese at Uni - shame I don't do anything with that knowledge now. Oh well - that is life.

Back to the gym tomorrow, and thenTuesday is my last session for a couple of weeks as I am having a minor operation on Wed.

I am feeling a little stressed as work encroached on my holiday. It seems that the boys don't want to play nicely while I am away, and my boss has left - and I am sad about that . I will sort out what I can today and tomorrow morning - then the phone is off, and no e-mail until I go back to work on Monday week. I need to rest and recouperate after my op.

On Tuesday I am going to the spa for 51/2 hours. I was given a very gennerous gift voucher for Xmas for a full day's pampering at the Dome retreat in Brisbane. I have a salt scrub, vishy shower, massage, pedi, mani - and a few other things too. I will be in heaven!!!!!

Oh well rightnow I need to go and deal with some work issues - BREATHE


Friday, January 19, 2007

We are off to Melbourne this morning in about 2 hours. I didn't realise until yesterday how much I need a break - from training, work and even Brisbane. We have a number of very close friends and family there, and I am really excited about spending time with them.

My training finished on a high, although my weight stablised, jumped up a little and refused to lower. This is a recurrent theme since I have been power lifting, and when i get into heavy lifting i immediately get 1kg heavier. All this is understandable - yet very frustrating when dropping weight for comp.

Work has been super stressful, and I may have to do a bit from time to time from Melbourne - thank goodness for wireless laptop technology. I am sure I can cope with opening the laptop in a cafe somewhere over a quite drink!

Happy Holidays


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It was the last day of powerlifting training today for a few weeks and it was a ripper! I am going to Melbourne for a week, and then when I get back I have a small operation so I won't be PL training until late Feb when I start my sequence running up tp the State titles in April.

Today was deadlift, and after the disappointment of not adapting to Sumo's Nic changed me back to conventionals. I did 115kgs for 3 reps today with no suit. It was tough but strong and a 140kg lift at the States' is real possibility. I was pumped and what a great way to go on holidays. I finished off the session with a routine called "the bear" ( clean, push press, squat, push press) and then light squats. I finised on 6 reps @ 55kgs all held at the bottom. My squat technique has improved dramtically over the past 6 weeks of intense work. As they say; you put the work in you reap the rewards.

My body is going to love the rest over the next few weeks. I will continue to do yoga, cardio and isometric weights. This tme will also give my shoulder time to recoup and I will do rehab exercises everyday. I will be rested and keen, very keen, for when the States come around.

I just have to get through one more stair running session tomorow before I go to Melbourne and play with family and friends and go shopping - oh yes and meet Lia.

Did I mention I love holidays?????

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yeah! I am on leave from work until 5th February. 2 1/2 weeks with no stress! We go to Melbourne on saturday for one week, then I have another week at home. I am so pleased.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The past week......

A return to good form. Low powerful squatting, stronger bench, and good consistant deads. Yoga was sensational, and my stair session was extremely difficult, but I pushed my heart rate up to max each set. I am pleased with this week.

I kept on plan, and didn't feel any loss of strength in my training. Although I think my stair running session was made a lttle more challenging due to the slight lower cals. My weight returned to the pre Xmas level early in the week, and I should see a drop of a few hundred grams this week - as planned. 2 glasses of wine, and some raw nuts as a treat - all good.
Family Stuff

My sister Helen spent 2 years living it the UK, and travelled extensively while she was over there. I love this pic, 'cause the that little impish grin she has on her face reminds me of when she was a little kid, and she would always smile like this when she was excited!

This is Michael and I last year in Margaret River. We had a holiday there after the Nationals, and I love that look of total relaxation that comes with the end of a competition - or maybe it was all the fantastic food and wine we had been eating. Yummy!!

My sister and my step dad. It was Rog's 65th birthday on Friday, so we all went out for a Thai meal. Although I made the mistake of not checking the chilli content of my meal. I really don't like chilli at all, so I went home hungry and had a protein shake before I went to bed.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is my coach helping me get ready for a lift at my last comp. Nic was sick this morning, so I was unable to train. I don't think I realised how much I love my power lifitng training, and how much I look forward to training with Nic. I was really disappointed (although I got over it), and I am sure I was never this excited about training when I was bodybuilding.

I went for a walk instead and then a yoga class this afternoon. Both sessions were fantastic, and I am so energised!

Monday, January 08, 2007

I did a 6am Bikram Yoga class this morning. It was awesome, and I feel sensational now. I have often struggled with Bikram, but I realise now, just like any exercise, doing a class at the end of the day is always challenging. I am going to do all my difficult training only in the mornings now, and leave the afternoons for easy cardio and saunas.
My weight has been the same since before Xmas - which is great, however it is now time to get serious and drop off a couple of kilos before January ends, then another couple in Feb and I will be pretty much ready for the new weight division @ the April comp. I am feeling a little hungry today as I have gone back to my nutrition plan. I always eat very clean, so it is just reducing the quantity for me when I need to drop weight. Fortunately I don't get cravings and withdrawals, but every now and then I really look forward to a glass of wine, some nuts and dips - my weakness!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I am feeling at peace today. I had a much better squat session this morning. My form was back, my depth was great, my strength and speed were all there too. I had a massage and 2 sauna's over the weekend - not to mention 2 days rest after the quad issue on Saturday. So going back to my post last week about lessons learnt; to lift heavy my legs need to be rested and stretched. I knew this, and to keep this up I am going to drop my spin class and change it to yoga. So that will be 2 yoga classes, 1 squat, 1 dead, 1 plyo, 1-2 sauna plus chest work and walking.

I feel so happy now......


I was told recently that I was the most inspirational woman that (this person) had ever met. WOW!

Friday, January 05, 2007

I strained my right quad muscle in the park @ sprint training this morning. Not sure how bad it is, and I have taken an anti-inflammatory, and am icing it. I will rest for today and tomorrow morning. I guess I will know tomorrow afternoon if it is bad. Not happy!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I am posting this pic to remind myself that I do deadlift well.

I did badly today with the Sumo tecnique - looks like I may be stronger in the conventional deadlift (on the pic here). I am a little disappointed, which I guess sums up my training week.

On the positive side - next week will be better.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Good days and Bad days.

Yesterday was a pretty average day, although after realising the error of my ways, it ended up being pretty reasonable. My yoga class was awesome, and I will say the same thing I say every time I haven't done it for a while. "My body loved the stretch and my mind became centred". Lessons learnt (see yesterday's post). I woke up after a great night's sleep, and decided I needed to make amends after yesterday's appalling squat session. I had a great bench session, and was doing 8 reps @ 45kgs and very strong too. My coach feels I have picked up some strength over the past month - yeah!! Progress - it makes all the hard work worth while.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Why do we continue to make the same mistakes...even if we don't make them as frequently as we used to?

I asked myself this question today after a disappointing training session. I know that if I don't stretch, do yoga and have a weekly massage my recovery and flexibility in lifting is compromised. So why was I surprised that I had challenging training session?

I know that if I don't take Evening Primrose Oil on a regular basis eventually I will suffer from PMS. So now I am moping around as I haven't taken any for 2 months.

Fortunately I don't make these mistakes too often, and they tend to be quick to remedy......but I still do it!

This is how I am feeling right now. One day back at work, and I had a bad night's sleep worrying about "stuff". It was an effort to sleep. Crazy really. I just need to get back into the swing of work, and remember to leave the stress behind each day. YUK!!!!
I am planning on doing yoga this afternoon. I haven't been to yoga in a few weeks due to the Xmas break, and I can't wait. My muscles are going to LOVE the stretch, and my mind really needs to be centred.
On the positive side, I am on leave in 2 weeks time. We are all going to Melbourne for one week (which we still consider Home for us).
Off to the gym. Squatting today.

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