Friday, November 30, 2007

"One down and one to go. If I know you, you'll over come this last one with flying colours Lisa. Let it go and have faith in yourself and those around you. :o)"

- thanks Lia - how can you know me so well?

I had a very rough day yesterday as I struggled with the weight increase from TOM. It is easy to rationale these things, but 6 days out from your first international comp rationale often flies out the window and you are left with a very tired, emotional, wound up and frustrated powerlifter! I have to admit to having a cry last night too.

However after 10 hours sleep and a 800gm fluid drop, I am back on track..........

In 2 hours I will be squatting for the last time before comp. I have 3 people assisting me today. This sport is amazing when you get world class athletes offering their time to help a relative novice athlete like me.

I know when the bar is loaded on the platform I am alone, but the support I have received from this forum, family, friends and the powerlifting community is the reason I am even on that platform at all. Thanks to everyone here.

I had better go and stir up a bit of testosterone to nail these squats!!!!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bench is all good. I have been using the Inzer brand bench shirt, and it was suggested I use a Titan shirt. I struggled with the Titan for 2 weeks, and we pulled the pin on it yesterday. Today I put on a new smaller Inzer shirt and it is all good. I am right to go on Monday at my last bench session..........what a relief!!!

I knew it was good news Friday.

It is good news Friday!
I have 2 challenges to over come before I leave for NZ. The first is a fluid retention issue from heavy lifting that is holding my weight up, and the second is a struggle I am having with my new bench shirt. I am doing absolutely everything right in relation to the first challenge so I just need to hang tough and not let it effect my mood and lifitng. The second will be resolved today with a decision to lift in the new shirt or go back to the older one. So I have decided that today is good news Friday, because other than these 2 items everything else is on track. I am in an incredible position to have an amazing experience that most others won't, so I refuse to let 2 small things bring me down.
I hope you all have a good Friday to set youself up for a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My natural love of all things organic and healthy is reinforced every day as I am lucky enough to live next door to an organic health store; otherwise known as the the hippie store. My daughter recently started working there after school and on the weekends which pleases me incredibly. She is also a lover of health and fitness and having access to naturopaths so early in her adult life is very fortunate.
Today the manager made up some herbs for me to help me cope with the stress, bring down my fluid and generally keep my energy up and I felt like I was flying after the first dose. One of the great benefits of having a 'clean' system is that these types of remedies are immediately effective. I know Rod will be very happy today to have a calm athlete at training!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

8 days to go!!
I received all the final details yesterday (and I also have a tracksuit that fits - kinda)
I am lifting in the Master 1 (M1) category on Thursday December 6th. Weigh in is at 10.30am & lifting starts at 12.30pm. Venue is the Holiday Inn in Christchurch NZ
I was meant to be in the open, but my nomination wasn't changed in time. There is no difference to me as my goal in NZ is to lift 340kgs and get my Elite grading to qualify for selection in the Aust team for World Titles next year. It is an aggressive and challenging goal, and I do get 2 other chances next next year should I fall a little short in NZ - after all anything can happen in comp. The very positive thing about lifting in M1 is that my chances of coming home with a medal are increased. I have to say that is would be very cool to have a medal from the Commonwealth Titles!
Rod and I arrive into Christchurch on Tuesday afternoon, so I have a day and a half to get rid of any fluid from flying and focus on making weight and lifting my best.


I have just visited a number of blogs that I read and it seems like everyone is obsessed,worried, or hating food right now. You know it must be the end of bodybuilding season when all the figure girls are having huge self esteem issues as they adjust to putting on a couple of kilos of post comp weight. Now I have done a few comps in the past so I am no one to preach, but seriously girls..............why do you keep doing it to yourselves???????????

You do realise that the reason you are putting on weight is so that you can build a better physique to present the next time you lean down right?

(I don't mean to offend or to be insensitive to any one's struggles, but I figure that if you have the right to obsess about it on blogger I have the right to offer some perspective)

Monday, November 26, 2007

I have just left my day job and am on leave until I get back from the Commonwealth Titles. My work mobile and laptop are turned off and will not be fired up again until I am back in Australia. I am sure it will take a few hours to de stress and forget about work, and organise my schedule for the next 6 days before I leave. I am sure there are a stack of last minute things to be done to keep me busy.
So yes, tonight it is time to breathe and reboot.....tomorrow I wake up as a full time athlete.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Good Morning Lia!
This is just some of the equipment that I have collected over the past 18 months of competing. In fact I have bought the following

  • 3 squat suits (1 too small)

  • 1 deadlift suit

  • suit slips

  • 3 x soft suits ( I like to have a spare one)

  • 4 x knee wraps

  • 1 x wrist wraps

  • 4 belts - 1 broke, 1 wasn't legal, 1wasn't comfortable

  • shin guards

  • squat shoes

  • 3 bench shirt (progessively buying them tighter despite getting bigger)

  • deadlift shoes

  • 2 gear bags - the latest one on wheel to easily drag all this stuff around.

I have also ordered another bench shirt (different brand) wrist wraps and knee wraps for next year, and I am thinking about a new squat suit.

I also have the bruises and scars to match all this gear!!!!

I have rested well the last 2 days and I am off to the Uni tomorrow to rip out another squat PB.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tonight I am paying tribute to my coach.

I had a really tough session today, and in fact in my eyes it was a total failure. It was my second last Deadlift session and I struggled - seriously struggled getting 125kgs to lock out for 2 reps. Rod dropped the weight to 120kgs and when I feared worse on the next set he called it a day.

I knew as I was going to have a tough session as I was tired, hungry and generally fatigued all day. I have dropped some weight in the past week and PMS is upon me, and I didn't manage to disconnect from work etc etc. So while I feel like a failure now, I am sure the morning will give me some good perspective. I hope. When I walked back into home I was greeted by the image of my Aust track suit hanging on the door and I did smile a little.

But back to Rod. His patience and understanding of my moods and energy levels and requirements are wonderful. He has been my support over the past 2 months, and I know he will be 100% focused on me over the next 2 weeks and 1 day. Thanks Rod.

I think it might be time for a small treat meal and a hug from hubby.

I know I can do this................


Monday, November 19, 2007

One very exciting development for me lately is that I have started my Level 1 coaching certifications with ASCA. I am hoping to have my qualifications completed very soon and am interested in working with other athletes, and female strength althetes in particular. Some of this is going to have to go on hold for a couple of weeks while I am away competing, but the New Year should see me ready to take on some clients.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I finished the session with 1 x 115kg squat. It was probably the best squat I have done - maybe ever. Very happy now!

It is squat day today. While I had great success last week with my 110kgs squats you can see the damage the equipment does to my mid section and upper thighs. This photo was taken last Sunday, however most of these have faded now. I do have some pale white marks on my thighs and arms that I may have forever as a result of continual use of equipment.

Today I am going to use my red Inzer Hard Core suit to squat in for the first time this preparation. It takes some time to get in to, and also to stretch into to get the required depth so I am expecting today's session to be challenging, and fortunately Pavel is coming along again to spur me on. We are going to have breakfast after and I hope he can impart some comforting words about international competition.

The Commonwealth Titles are less than 3 weeks away now and I am getting quite anxious. Only 2 more dead lift sessions, 3 more squat sessions and 5 more bench sessions.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tomorrow I am off to Carins for a work conference for a few days. It will be a good time to take a moment out from my preparation and relax a little. It is a annual conference that I really enjoy as there will be some engaging people there and it is always held a a beautiful venue, and this year does not look like it is going to disappoint. The travel is very civil as I don't leave until 10.30am tomorrow and my flight get s me back in town by 3.30pm on Friday - very considerate!

I dead lifted today and had a solid session; 3 sets of 3 reps @ 120gks. It didn't take too much out of me which is a a bit of a change. This contrasted to yesterday's bench session which was a very average 3 sets of 2 reps @ 70kgs. There was nothing really wrong with it, but my speed went missing and then I beat myself up for a few hours after.

I am a bit weary so it is time for bed ......


Saturday, November 10, 2007

It is our 6th Wedding Anniversary today.

Friday, November 09, 2007

110kg squat

Today was the day...the squat session that I have been waiting for. Pavel, a friend and former world no.6, came out to the Uni with Rod and I to sort out my depth issues. I had mentioned that I have been disappointed in my squat, and while there was plenty of power I kept pulling up short. The first thing Pavel asked me was what did I want to squat today, and I said I wanted to do 110kgs for 2 reps. He then asked how many sets, so I said 3. Now my PB is 105kgs, so shooting for 110kgs for 3 sets (even @ 2 reps) might have seemed a bit aggressive. Pavel was fantastic, incredibly encouraging and yet tough. He said that if I go short than that rep is a waste, it is a waste of a session. After my warm up we went to 100kgs, and it looked ok. I was nervous going to 110kgs, and a couple were short and couple were ok. He was really happy with my last set and felt they were both great reps.

He gave me some great tips on walking out, breathing, head space and Rod picked up some more experience on other things including knee wrapping technique. It was such a valuable session and one I am sure I will remember as a turning point in my powerlifting career.

I learnt;

  • squatting deep with a heavy weight is scary for everyone, and
  • there is more power there....just squat hard (or go home)

I am totally exhausted now, but I have a sense of relief and expectation of what is to come.


PS Lia..I wore my WW T-shirt you gave me..thanks!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The count down has begun! Yesterday was the 4 week mark to Commonwealth Titles, and Rod feels I am pretty much on track. I thought I would be freakin out at this stage, but everything is under management and looks to be falling into place. So this is where I am at

Logistics; airfares and accommodation are all organised.

Clothing; Team tracksuit is here, and waiting on t-shirts

Equipment; I have all my equipment except a smaller bench shirt that was ordered last week and should arrive next week. I do need to buy a new bag to carry it all in though.

Weight; I had a tough week last week due to a 1.5kg spike due to TOM. However today I am back to where I was this time last week, and back on track. I need to drop around another 2-3kgs of bf, then I will manage the last few days as I normally do. I am at the same weight as my preparation into Nationals, so I am at a good place. Just need to be consistent and disciplined.

Nutrition: I am very comfortable with my current plan. I love the food and really have no issues sticking to it. It seems to be providing me with the correct amount of energy and allowing a speedy recovery.

Recovery ; It is a constant effort to keep my recovery program up so I am in the best possible condition to train heavy 4 days a week. The nutrition is the easy part, but I had been a bit slack with sauna therapy so I have been 3 times this week. I am doing a light walk then hitting the sauna in the morning and I enjoy this process. Rod gives me one session a week when I do light technique work and stretching - this is now my favourite time in the gym! Massage once a week, although this will increase soon. I am removing as much stress as possible from my life right now too.

Lifting; All my lifts look strong, and the only issue I have at present is missing the depth on occasion on my squat. This is only happening on the heavier lifts so it is clearly a confidence issue. On the positive side this is easier to fix than a technique floor so close to comp.

So all is good, and I am off the take my kids to breakfast.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I am feeling strong today. It was deadlift day and I pulled out 5 reps @ 110kgs and it was fast and snappy. I am pretty pleased with my progress, and to be honest up until last week I wasn't sure I was going to see improvement this comp in my deadlift. I have been spending quite a bit of time pre training getting it the zone, and Rod has me doing an inter-set routine that is recommended by Ian King. It all seems to be coming together now.


Monday, November 05, 2007

I am feeling like the "benching queen" right now. It is just going from strength to strength and I am amazed at what I am doing in training. My new coach has built on the great work Nic had done in the 6 months before he went to Russia, and yesterday I did 5 reps @67.5kgs - which is my current QLD bench press record. I am looking at a high 70kg lift for the Commonwealth Titles. I am so happy!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

It is extremely hot and humid in Brisbane tonight, however I was excited to receive my team tracksuit so I braved the humidity and tried it. As you can see the tracksuit is too big, so needs to go back for a smaller size (or 2).

Saturday, November 03, 2007

This is my top injury of the week.....although it has faded so I hope you can see it. Somehow my power belt managed to inflict an injury at the top of my abs on Wed while dead lifting. After the session I had a small round lump, about the size of a large grape on top of the muscle and it really stung. It has all but dissipated today and all that is left if a tiny bump and this yellow bruise.


Friday, November 02, 2007

I am feeling pretty happy tonight. Everything is travelling well for me, and while I have my challenges I am seeing nice improvements in my technique and strength. My weight is dropping in a controlled manner and Liz has me humming along very nicely with my nutrition.
My recovery is most impressive and with the combination of the right food and supps at the right time, stretching, sauna and deloading sessions I am surprised at how quickly I am ready to go hard again. As well all know the more quickly you can recover and train again, the faster and stronger you become.
Heavy squat tomorrow, so I must go a sleep.

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