Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The IPF Maters World Powerlifting titles start today and are being held at the Palm Springs Convention Centre. We arrived in Palm Springs about 6pm last night after a long, yet relatively easy trip across Arizona and east California. The rest of the Aust team where here when we arrived and they all look relaxed and ready (well maybe everyone except for those that lift today).
We met up with Krista last night and she looks amazing, and it is even more impressive when you realise that she is competing in a body building show this Saturday. She has an athlete on the Canadian team, and will leave early Thursday morning to go back to Canada. In true Krista style she is managing to train 2-3 times each day here, and has brought most of her own food with her. She currently is about 6% bf - and looks relaxed and happy.
I have seen the final list of competitors in my category now and there are 8 women and some very impressive lifters. I will have the opportunity to learn so much lifting against such high calibre athletes, and I while I am going to be seriously outclassed my objective is to focus on my technique and improve my total. I feel quite relaxed knowing that I am not competing for a medal.......next year it will be different though!
I weighed in at 61.1kgs this morning (very impressive on day 2 of my menstrual cycle), so I have lost 1.5 kgs this past week implementing some new Biosignature style protocols. Potentially this is more if I took the fluid into account. I am really pleased as I had plateaued at home with the protocols I was using. So this, combined with some different training methods when I get home will have me "bikini ready" by late Nov I think.
Today I will relax, have a swim then go watch some of the lifting. I need to drop 1.2kgs - which will be reduced water intake and sweat - easy here in the desert. No sauna for me - yeah! I will also eat food that is light in weight and moves through the GI tract quickly; nut butter over nuts, eggs, yoghurt, honey, dates etc. As I won't be taking in much water I can consume more carbs as they won't have any water to uptake to make me heavier.
Let me leave you with a tip. If you hold fat on your butt, you should eat organic butter on your vegetables as butter contains glucuronic acid that will bind to detoxified oestrogen's and expel them. Make sure you have no sugar in the same meal - as you will add fat.
Have a great day!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Next Stop Palm Springs to compete!
Today I woke with butterflies in my stomach, realising that I am now 2 days away from competing. I am feeling relaxed although a little distant from Powerlifting right now, however I am sure once we arrive at the hotel (above), and we meet up with the rest of the team and see all the other athletes that I will switch into lifting mode pretty quickly.
As the Biosignature course ran until 6pm each night we have been here we haven't really had a chance to see much of Phoenix, which is a shame as it is a great city and the people have been amazingly friendly and engaging.
It is about a 5 hour drive from Phoenix to Palm springs, and according to Google maps it is a very flat drive pretty much due west. We will have time to get to the gym to do a light technique session, have a swim, do some washing, have lunch and the drive off.
We experimented with a technique that we learnt here at the Biosignature to bring my weight down by for the comp. I won't know if it has worked for another 12-24 hours and although it was a bit of a gamble I am told that fortune favours the brave - so fingers crossed for me. My menstrual cycle is at day 1 today as well (happy birthday), so I need to disregard the fluid increase from that which will clear off in 48 hours. I am feeling confident, and all will be revealed in my next post in 24 hours time when I wake up in Palm Springs. Worst case I will need to sauna off maybe 1kg -500gms - so less than I have done before. Since the Commonwealth Titles in NZ last year, I have had a "no sauna" policy and I am planning to keep a clean slate this year.
After I compete we are off to Fullerton in California to do the Poliquin Strength and Conditioning Level 1 course (PICP), which will compliment my Biosignature studies. I already have some new protocols I have designed for myself on the Biosig side ready to roll when I am back home and need to design a few training courses around it. I am really looking forward moving both my lifting and my physique to the next level with my new knowledge. I am also pumped about helping my clients get healthier and stronger faster.
Bodyworx has a new concept of Strongman Training, and in Oct/Nov we will be starting group training sessions in the park (like bootcamp), but with strongman techniques. Who better to give you a challenging, fat burning, muscle building, strongman workout than 2 Nationally ranked Powerlifters - so all you Brisbane based ladies and men stay tuned for that!
I think it is time to get into the day....I am feeling strong!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I just finished my course and I am now a level 1 Biosignature Practitioner!!!

Some interesting facts I have learnt in the last 4 days....

  • Everyone should take 1mg of Magnesium a day as there is no more magnesium in the soil

  • Coffee improves insulin sensitivity

  • Red and white wine increase testosterone

  • Never take minerals without food - unless you specifically want them to cross the blood/brain barrier

  • Aspartame causes fluid retention

  • Insulin is the most anabolic hormone

  • The only hormone we have 100% control over is insulin

  • No one ate anything by accident

  • Whey protein on an empty stomach causes insulin to spike - just drinking protein shakes can make you fat.

  • Low Testosterone needs to be addressed by addressing sleep issues first.

Friday, September 26, 2008

So after a quite a few days to work out some technical issues, I am back on-line. The Biosignature course is unbelievable, and I am blown away with the information and process. I finished my last lifting day today and the less said the better about my 2 lifting sessions here.....

The weather is great in Arizona and I have managed to get by the pool for 30 minutes a few times, so I should come home with a slight tan for the start of summer.

I am really tired now, but will find the time tomorrow to write more details on what is going on here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First stop Arizona.
I am leaving for the airport in one hour and the first stop in our trip is for our Poliquin Biosignature Certifications in Scottsdale Arizona. According to the weather channel we can expect hot, dry conditions with temperature range of 23-37 degrees. The seminar is at a resort with 2 swimming pools, which will be well used by me to recover from jet lag, fluid retention and general fatigue. I may even come home with a light tan - which will go some way to cover my lifting bruises and scars!
I managed to pack all my gear into 2 bags and under the weight limit - well so my scales tell me. On the subject of scales, I have seen a 500gm drop overnight - I must have been super stressed and I while I need to be vigilant I am hoping for an easy(ish) weigh in. I benched well yesterday and feel very strong, and it will be good to really push myself at the comp. As the standard is so high, and I really won't be in the medals I have decided that I will start with a comfortable attempt on each lift then I will push on the second and go for broke on the 3rd. Should be a lot of fun and great to lift in such a quality field.
I am leaving on a jet plane........

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My daughter Charlotte (right), and her school mate Alex won bronze yesterday in the Yr11 double scull at QLD State Rowing Titles.

Go girls!!!!

Deadlift training done!!!!!!!!!
I am officially in taper - yeah! I finished my deadlift training yesterday and only have 3 more session to go before I lift. I am happy with my last lifts, I feel fresh and like there is plenty more in the tank.
I have had a weight spike of 800gms over the past few days - causing me some grief. I guess I must be thinking about what I don't want to happen, and it is happening. It is obviously a fluid issue - bad cankles, I have 9 days to go and worst case I could sauna off from where I am now, but it goes to show that something unexpected will always come up and how you deal with it is what matters. I am the strongest I have ever been, injury free, I am peaking at the right time an all lifts, and it would have been way too perfect to glide in at weight easily. All my thoughts now are to drop this fluid, stay well rested, travel with ease, relax and lift well.
I need to go and do some cardio and then finish packing.

Friday, September 19, 2008

This weekend it is time to pack. I am taking 2 bags with me, one is my lifting bag with lifting equipment and team tracksuit etc, and the second is my personal gear. I am going to have to be very selective with my personal items as I only have 20kgs for 3 weeks, and I will no doubt want to bring some things home as well. Most of the time I will be in class, training or doing sight seeing and we will have facilities to do laundry so it while I might get sick of wearing the same clothes I think I can easily fit it into 20kgs. It is the end of summer in the US and Canada so at least I don't have to take jackets and gear for cold weather.

I do my last deadlift tomorrow, and I haven't deadlifted since last Friday so it seems like such a long break; which is a good thing. I really have no concept of where my deadlift is at. I have had my technique corrected these last 8 weeks, and I am hopeful that this will see a strength increase as I really have plateaued in the past 12 months. I am not lifting very heavy right now, and even tomorrow it won't be overly heavy - doubles at 120kgs. This is all about making sure the athlete peaks for the comp and not in training. I do feel relaxed and certainly not over trained as I am having plenty of rest in between training.

My weight is still holding up at about 62kgs, and while I am getting a little frustrated to not have seen at least a 500gm drop I will stick to my plan and I am sure to be rewarded over the next 10 days - so still plenty of time to drop enough to not have to sauna.

Anyway off for a long over due sauna!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Other than competing at World Masters in the US, I will also be completing 2 Poliquin certifications. I do my Biosignature certifications next week in Arizona, and then the Strength and Conditioning PICP the week after in California.
13 days to go !!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

oh my.......
Yesterday I did my last session of 5 reps before the comp. It was the toughest session both physically and mentally that I have done in a long time. It was hot and humid at the club, and I looked like I had been in the sauna by the time i finished. I did 3 sets of 5 reps @ 92.5kgs, with knee wraps and suit on - but straps down. The weight wasn't an issue but I just wasn't in the groove and had to work for every rep. I over balanced a couple of times, and was off line a few times as well. Fortunately by the end of the session, the issues were identified and sorted out and looking at the video the reps looked an awful lot better than they felt. Next time I squat it will be in Arizona for my final session before the comp. It will be 2 set of 2 reps @ 110kgs, and the thought of only having to to 2 reps is awesome right now.
I woke during the night twice and had to have something to eat, and I have already eaten twice today by 7.30am. I think today will be a high calories day!
Almost there.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

15 days to go
I fly out this time next week, and I lift 8 days later. I am really looking forward to competing in such a large competition and there wil be so many things to learn and experience.
Yesterday's bench was successful and today is my last week of 5's in the squat. I am still waiting for the scales to drop, but I am feeling a little leaner so I expect to see 1kg come off by the time I need it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am now at the business end of my prep. Today is my 3rd last bench session and 2nd last in Australia. I will bench next Monday before I leave and then 5 days pre comp. I have found a powerlifting gym close to where we are staying in Arizona so I will do my last bench and squat sessions there before we head off the Palm Springs. My bench has been strong on these past few weeks and my board work has been getting great results for me. I haven't failed on any lifts and I feel like I am peaking nicely. I am heavier than I have ever been pre comp (and maybe the heaviest in many year), so this always relates to increased bench strength. I only need to loose 1kg, then I will cut my water back for the remaining 800gms that needs to come off, so my hope is that I will retain all my upper body strength and set a great PR in 2 weeks time.

The bench above was a new PR of 75kgs that I set at Nationals (previous was 70kgs), and I am expecting that this will be my opener.

Bench is my favourite lift and I not only do I enjoy lifting, I enjoy doing the assistance work as well. While I have said I am taking until next July off competing, there are a couple of bench press only comps early next year that I would love to represent Australia in. So my goal for Palm Springs is an 80kg+ bench which should place me well in the rankings to be selected as a 60kg lifter for these comps.......however today I need to bring it!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 days until I leave and 17 days unit I lift. I am quite bruised up and getting a little fatigued in between lifting sessions. I have pulled my food back in to line and while I am starting to lean down a little, I am yet to be rewarded with that all important scale loss. However it is all about being consistent and sucking it up for the next 2 weeks. I will have no issue making weight as I have been heavier than I am now 24 hours before a comp, however my plan is to be at weight - or extremely close. Besides I have added a little bodyfat in the past 2 months - although I have never been this strong before - and I do want to be a little leaner - maybe 2%. I have to admit to be feeling a little over the constant focus on food and supps, but I guess that is what an off season is for and I am just 18 days away from mine. So as I say...... "put your big girl panties on and deal with it!" Besides it is bodybuilding season and those guys will really be feeling it right now.

I am sure there is a sauna on my schedule today - late afternoon I think, then I will come home and sleep well. I had wonderful surprise visitor yesterday evening and I didn't end up getting as much sleep as usual, so I need to make that up tonight.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wedding fun!
This is my beautiful girlfriend Rosie and I at the wedding in Noosa last week. It was such a fun night, and really great to swap my lifting gear for high heals and crystals. A few more weeks and I plan to have a few more parties to go to before Xmas. I will still train and mix things up a bit in the gym, but nothing "serious" until the New Year.
Yesterday I reached my board press goal of 3 reps @90kgs, and in fact I got one rep at 95kgs too. It was very exciting and great to see the hard work from the year culminating at the right time. I guess Rod has to be thanked as a huge part of that as he has been guiding my bench very closely this year, and has done a fantastic job.
The next 2 weeks will really see where I am at, but a 80kg+ bench is real right now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So many people can understand how my daughter can have the power to be a great school girl rower, but they usually look at me and say .." but aren't rowers tall?" Well, yes they are, and yes she is. In fact she is about 5inches taller than me.

It is quite interesting to see how similar physiques can be suitable for different sports with some additional height (or lack of it).

I had a rest day yesterday - well needed, and today I have my second bench day when I do board work. In powerlifting circles this generally means different sized phone books taped together and strapped to the chest to limit the range of motion and work the triceps and lock out. As we use bench shirts this type of work becomes very important as the shirt assists moving the bar off the chest, but the triceps then need to be unusually strong to kick in and lock the bench out.

I have a goal of being able to do 3 reps at 90kgs on a 2 board press before the comp. Last week I did 85kgs, and I am feeling strong - no HUGE - today, so today I will hit 87.5kgs.

I have a busy day, so I must get back to it!

Be Happy and Strong!!!!!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It is 3 weeks today and I will be on that platform lifting - not in my high heels though. I was in the garage looking for my shin guards, as I have some pretty nasty bruising on my shins from deadlifting, and I came across a box from my figure days. In it was tiny little sparkly bikinis and the infamous "hooker heels".
While I am far removed from that world now, I do have a similar feeling of mental fatigue of being "over competing" right now. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying my lifting and am the strongest I have ever been, however I am looking forward to a break. When I return home from the US it will be just in time for Melbourne Cup, and Xmas parties. This year I am planning on going to everything I am invited to and really enjoying a hard earned break.
In this picture I was about 50kgs and maybe 7-8% bf, which is a far cry form the 62kgs( probably 13% bf )I weighed in today. My lean mass in those days would have been 47kg, today it is about 56kgs. Three years of powerlifting has really changed my physique and added an incredible amount of lean mass. I do wonder what I would look like these days if I dropped that extra 6% bf. It would be great to have comparison pics, however after a long year of lifting (actually 3 years of heavy competing), those muscles will definitely stay hidden at least until after Xmas. Maybe that can be my New Years Resolution - get sub 7% and see what is there???? Yes, well after Xmas and New Years' parties....oh and I am going to enjoy Easter next year too.....maybe.....
This week I have squatted, deadifted and benched well. I am sore, tired, bruised and sitting on the couch convincing myself I don't need to go and do a recovery walk. I guess I could just take the long way to the coffee shop to buy my long black? I am having my weekly remedial massage this morning and then I plan to sauna - so maybe I could skip that walk and just buy my coffee?
In 2 weeks today Rod and I will be in Arizona for the first day of our Poliquin Biosignature certifications. I am really looking forward to completing this as all the study and pre reading has been amazing. Krista has been a sensational mentor and no doubt will continue to be, but I can't wait to know more and and help Bodyworx clients achieve their body composition and weight loss goals sooner.
It is almost 7am and I have been up for one hour, so I need to eat. I will do my recovery walk later, as right now I will get a coffee, eat some savoury mince for breakfast and watch Sunrise!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I have just had 2 days off, and it was great. I went to a wedding at Noosa and managed some time in the pool and lying in the sun - very welcomed. I had a great night at the wedding, had a few drinks and danced away the evening. It was a great break, but I am back in town now and time to sort out the next 16 days before leave for the US.

This afternoon is my 3rd last deadlift session and it will interesting to see how all the technique work I have been doing holds up under heavier load. My back is about 80% recovered now and really only stiff after sleeping through the night. I feel relaxed and calm (most of the time) about the comp, and all I need to focus on now is lifting as I have been for the past month and dropping 1.5kgs.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The latest Bare Essentials - Woman of Action magazine is out and available to be down loaded from the Bare Essentails website
My article this month is about Deadlifting, and there is a section on back health - very timely for me!

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