Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Training round up for my final week before holidays.

Deadlifts - very heavy at 3 reps @ 105kgs. Good news is thatI can now tell my coach where I may have a weakness to be worked on.

Bench - 55kg PB on one rep - still needs more progress, but again I am confident we have isolated a weakness to be worked on. Shoulder is a little sore - but not causing strength losses.

Squat - 80kgs for 3 reps. Knee is healing very well, and narrow stance looks strong. The sets fatigued me, and it was a humbling reminder of the challenge ahead.

Diet - another 1/2 kilo loss, and while I had a couple of very hungry days which resulted in extra calorie consumption - it was modest and just enough to top me up for training.

In summary I am very excited about the 8 week countdown for when I return from Vietnam.


Splice said...

I love squats and I do squat heavy. The narrow stance is the hardest but it really targets your quads and gives that sweeping look.
Well done on todays session and have a fabulous trip.

Lisa said...

I love squatting to, but the narrow stance makes it hard to get the full depth needed for a legal PL squat.

can't wait to go tomorrow.

Good luck next sat!

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