Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feeling Ratty Today..........

I am off to Sydney for work for a couple of days, and I am still behind from my holiday and would prefer not to go as I will simply get further behind. My first week back in training really hurt, so I am a bit fatigued not to mention VERY SORE. Comp is less than 6 weeks off, am feeling overwhelmed with the big weights ahead. Weight is fluctuating with fluid retention - YUK!!

QLD powerlifitng no longer exists and is part of Powerlifiting Aust - which is incorporated and owned by the Aust Sports Commission. This is a great move for the sport, but I think it means the QLD records that I was aiming for no longer exist either. I am going to have to refocus my objectives. hmmm

Only one thing to do on a day like today - POWER THROUGH IT!!!!!

1 comment:

Splice said...

Hi Lisa!
Just popped in to see how you are doing since returning from your wonderful trip.
Now you are in Sydney. I will check back soon.

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