Saturday, November 25, 2006

Competition results new PB 285kg total

What a day - I am not sure where I should start. After dehydrating and using the sauna overnight I woke up weighing 56.7kgs, so I rugged up went out and walked and ran a bit to sweat out as much as I could. I jumped into a hot shower, put 3 layers of clothing on and drove to the comp, sat outside in the heat for 30 mins and weighed in at 55.9kgs. (with my shorts and bra on ). Phew!

After drinking 2 litres of fluid, a strong coffee, oats and honey the lifting began. My coach trains 2 female lifters and Alex struggled to make weight and had difficulty getting into her squat suit as she is usually a few kilos lighter without dehyrdating. This caused the warm up to be disjointed and off putting, however these are the things that happen in competitions and it was a great learning experience for me. As a 56kg lifter I need 270kgs to qualify to compete in next years National Titles - so I am well over that.

Squat - I didn't get the required depth on my first attempt at 95kgs, so it was a no lift. I was pretty unhappy, but nailed the second attempt, and then did a new PB of 100kgs for my third lift - it really hurt though.

Bench - My success story. Wearing my new bench shirt I started with a solid 55kgs - also a PB, then jumped to 60kgs and had a very strong lift. I didn't get my third lift of 62.5kgs - but I know what happened and there is more left for next time. This is a 7.5kg improvement on my previous PB.

Deadlift - made all attempts 115kg, 120kg, 125kg - PB. I am very comfortable with this lift and feel like a different lifter approaching the platform. All lifts were strong , fast and aggressive. Coach decided to limit my last attempt to 125kgs as he feels I have no problem getting the weight off the ground, but my lock out is not as strong - he is right and I am happy to have another increase in PB here.

In summary it was a very successful day, I continue to learn a lot about lifting and competing and pushing my body. Other than the usual lacerations, bruises, sore muscles and exhaustion I am in good shape and recovering well today. I have 5 months in which to recover, train and increase my strength before the State titles in April. Lastly thanks to the team Nic, Alex, Josh, Rod,Rog, Lottie, Tim and Tom. And of course - Michael!


Lia Halsall said...

Go Lisa! Go Lisa! Go Lisa!

You're living proof that chicks can lift the heavy weights. Awesome effort, you must be so damn proud of yourself, I know I am. ;o) xo

Lia Halsall said...
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Lisa said...

Thanks Lia. I am proud. I worked so hard for this. Trained hard, dieted hard and lifted hard. I think the picture that I have posted shows the effort.

I need a rest now though :-)

Josh Dickinson said...

hey lisa, I am delighted how everything camr together and very proud of your accomplishments. Now we set even bigger and better goals :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, Great Job! you must be so proud of your efforts and training
can't wait to celebrate at Xmas with you -GM

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Wow thats impressive, congrats and best of luck with everything.
Cheers Kiree

Splice said...

Lisa your a champ!
Well done with all the PB's. It must make you feel powerful!
I really liked seeing the picture as well so if you have more....;-)

Lisa said...

Yes I have more pics Deb - I will post another tonight.

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