Friday, December 29, 2006

It is coming to the end of my work out week - and then I will have 2 days to recover. I was so tight yesteday that by the end of my training session I couldn't sink low enough into a light squat. By the time I had walked home from the gym I could bearly climb the stairs to my apartment, and I lay on the couch all day (except to go and have a facial).

I have recovered quite well overnight, although I am still tight through the glutes, top of the hammies and hips. This recovery is fortunate as I have a sprint session this morning. Now I know it is going to hurt and I will need every hour of the next 2 days to recover. Unfortunately my bikram yoga studio is on very limited sessions, the sauna is closed for a few days and my massage therapist is away. I am having to recover without all these things that I include in my normal weekly program. I am so sad (and sore) about that!

My weight has dropped a little this week, and although there is still about another 4.5kgs to go, I am sure it will just be a matter of consistany and dedication. I remember when I would start dieting for figure competitions and I would have 10kgs to loose - wow that was a real challenge for so many reasons.

Oh well, I had better stretch and have another coffee :-)

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