Saturday, January 13, 2007

Family Stuff

My sister Helen spent 2 years living it the UK, and travelled extensively while she was over there. I love this pic, 'cause the that little impish grin she has on her face reminds me of when she was a little kid, and she would always smile like this when she was excited!

This is Michael and I last year in Margaret River. We had a holiday there after the Nationals, and I love that look of total relaxation that comes with the end of a competition - or maybe it was all the fantastic food and wine we had been eating. Yummy!!

My sister and my step dad. It was Rog's 65th birthday on Friday, so we all went out for a Thai meal. Although I made the mistake of not checking the chilli content of my meal. I really don't like chilli at all, so I went home hungry and had a protein shake before I went to bed.

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