Monday, January 08, 2007

I did a 6am Bikram Yoga class this morning. It was awesome, and I feel sensational now. I have often struggled with Bikram, but I realise now, just like any exercise, doing a class at the end of the day is always challenging. I am going to do all my difficult training only in the mornings now, and leave the afternoons for easy cardio and saunas.
My weight has been the same since before Xmas - which is great, however it is now time to get serious and drop off a couple of kilos before January ends, then another couple in Feb and I will be pretty much ready for the new weight division @ the April comp. I am feeling a little hungry today as I have gone back to my nutrition plan. I always eat very clean, so it is just reducing the quantity for me when I need to drop weight. Fortunately I don't get cravings and withdrawals, but every now and then I really look forward to a glass of wine, some nuts and dips - my weakness!


Splice said...

Hi Lisa :-)
You sound so well prepared and focused all the time, very inspiring.
I have to admit that the wine and nut combination is my biggest weakness of all.
Train hard.

Lisa said...

yes, I love raw nuts and red wine - it is always the same treat for me!

Lia Halsall said...

I see you've been playing around with your blog template, very nice. :o)

Lisa said...

yes....very slow at work today, and I thought it was about time I made an effort given that I work in IT.

I will see what else I can find too.

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