Friday, February 02, 2007

I am now in day 3 of my recovery from a breast augementation operation. I feel a lot better that what I had expected. There is very little pain, and swelling, and while I am taking it easy I feel incredible.

Obvioulsy I will be off training for a while, however I will get back to doing some leg work, mainly isometrics, next week to keep my leg strength up. I also will do light cardio soon and increase it as I recover. I am hoping to be able to do light bench by 4 week, and my deadlift will need to wait until then too due to the pull by the arms. I am planning on making the State tiltes in April, but if I need to wait till Nationals in July to compete I will.

A quick thanks to Lia,, who has recently had the same procedure and has been a wonderful source of information and support.

My Mum is visiting me, and is waiting for me to take her out for a short walk and a coffee.

See you soon


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Lia Halsall said...

You're more than welcome, I was only to happy to help Lisa. :o) xo

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