Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The demands of my job have caused a pre existing condition to flare up. I am at home recovering and get quite frustrated that some days I feel great, and then 2 hours later I hit the wall and need to go back to sleep. I have been doing quite a bit of yoga to relax and resting so that I can do my 3 PL sessions this week. I do wonder how much stronger I would be if I was 100%?

I am still on recovery for my chest and lifted 35kgs this week. It felt good, and while I have a long way to go I am pretty happy with my progress. I am not sure that my bench will be back to my PB by States, but anything over 55kgs will be great. My bad shoulder was very uncomfortable with the slightly heavier weight, and I need to get back to regularily doing rehab exercises.

I am only about 1.5kgs above my weight class, so I am happy to be able to look after myself well in the next few weeks to recover properly to get back to work and heavy training.

Oh, I need to rest again.


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