Friday, March 23, 2007

I would normally review my week on a Sunday, however it is Sat 11.30am and I feel like I am done for the week and the next day and a half will be for rest as I feel on the edge of fatigue. (even if I do go to yoga or Tai chi tomorrow).

Squat; 70kg sets this week. I am pleased with this and with my form. I do want the weight to start increasing now, so we will see what this week brings with the wraps and suit.

Bench; 40kg sets this week. Still holding back, but the great news is that by the end of the week I was able to do 4 reps of 50kgs for my rack benches. My shoulder continues to improve and I can feel it working properly again and the power is moving back in. I will continue treatment over the next week and very confident of a great result - watch this one!

Deadlift; 105/110kg sets this week. Solid and strong. Happy with this, but like the squat I want to see the weight go up now. (Can't wait for my new suit!)

I have also done 2 recovery walks, 2 yoga classes and 2 sauna's.

My health is good, and my weight is stable just above or below 58kgs. I have been stricter on food this week so i imagine I will see a drop to the low 57's soon.

All good, and I feel like I have a lot of power that is ready to burst out!


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