Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It was my first bench session wearing my bench shirt today. It is a very bizzare feeling at first, not only wearing it, but bringing the bar down with such a restrictive garment on. However while the first set was a bit shaky, I followed up with 3 further sets that just got better each time.

I benched 2 sets @ 47.5kgs, 1 x 50kgs, 1 x 52.5kgs. All were 4-5 reps and pretty strong. I appear to be all healed from my op, and my right shoulder held up and also appears to be getting slightly stronger each day. Nic said he could see a 65kg/67.5kg bench at States, and he is very happy with my progress. He also mentioned how happy he was with my squatting. It is so fantastic to have my focus and dedication rewarded by success. My weight is dropping slowly too. All good today!


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