Saturday, March 17, 2007

So in review of my week I have to say it was both significantly better than last week, and much better than I had expected. Other than few dodgy hours here and there my health was pretty good.

I squatted 60kgs for 4 sets. This is a little low, but it was early in the week and coach wanted to make sure I was OK.

I benched 37.5kgs for 4 sets. The recovery is coming along well and there is plenty left - in fact I rack benched 40kgs on Sat.

I deadlifted 97.5kgs for 4 sets. Always a good lift for me, and other than a tight lower back this was good lifting.

So in review a solid come back week, however there is a lot of work between now and my goal

Squat 120kgs

Bench 62.5kgs

Dead 140kgs

I did 2 yoga classes. They are such a different experience for me depending on what lifting I have just done. The class on Tuesday after squatting was tight and painful; however Sat's class was still a little tight but much more dynamic. I appreciate that as a powerlifter I am always going to have tight hamstrings which makes progress in yoga very frustrating.

I had my second class of Tai Chi this morning, and I am getting so much out of it. I feel that the mind/body connection that is needed can only improve my lifting - similar to yoga. Plus it is so good to do an activity that is kind to the body.

I also did 1 spin class, 1 walk and 2 saunas. My weekly massage was torturous, but I know it is doing me good.

Weight is same as last week about 2kgs above my weight class. I have been eating quite a bit this week - but my focus has been recuperation and that means listening to my body (I did need that organic chocolate!), so I could go up a bit in weight. As I am feeling better, and assuming my lifting continues to improve, I will focus on dropping 1 kg in the next 2weeks.

So it is all good news.


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