Thursday, March 15, 2007

This photo was taken almost 12 months ago now at last year's State titles. I am second from the left and my coach is far right.

This was at the end of my first powerlifting competition and I can't believe I was still smiling. The organisers decided to run all lifters together, so we weighed in at 8am and didn't finish lifting until 3pm - it was incredibly exhausting. This year's State titles are on the same weekend in the Queens St Mall, on the stage outside Myer. It is pretty amazing lifitng in such a public place, but it is great for the exposure of the sport.

I am excited about States now, as this year I know what I am in for and what I want to achieve.

I am deadlifting this morning, so I will update later on where I am up to with my preparation.


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