Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well.....not the best training session today. Deadlifted 115kgs, and I put the 3rd rep down on the first set. Not the result I was looking for at all. I recovered and did the second set, and then Nic put the weight down to 100kgs for the last set. I guess there are a number of reasons for the average session - equipment, health , energy; however I did learn something. Powerlifitng is a really tough sport phsycologically. I have a couple of small injuries, I have bruising on my ribs and legs from my equipment, and I had a low energy day yesterday. I let it all get to me and at the bottom of the lift I knew it wasn't coming up.

I was so hungry after my training, I went to my local cafe and hoovered a huge breakfast. I have had a weight drop this week, so I should watch my energy.

One more session this week and I am resting until Monday morning. This is hard work now.


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