Saturday, April 07, 2007

Amazing how 24 hours can change your perspective.

Yesterday I was calm - today it is less than 2 weeks and I am getting nervous. Thinking about walking onto the lifitng stage for that first squat, no wonder there is so much pressure on the squat as a lift being the first event!

Yesterday I weighed 1.5kgs over my 56kg weight class - this morning I have had one of those totally unexplained female overnight weight increases. I know and can see the fluid in my ankles etc, and I know it will go as quickly as it came. However I have planned to be just above weight during the last few weeks and drop down 2 weeks before........

Sometimes I walk past a window or a mirror and I look so small and feminine, and I doubt that I could possibly achieve the goals I have. I don't look like a powerlifter - then I don't feel like one.

I have 2 more days of rest before I go back to my final 6 lifting sessions before I comp and I think I will go and distract myself!


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