Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This is my coach Nic at last year's State Titles. He called this morning to say that he ripped his quad very badly last night at squat training and won't be competing. This is so devastating and saddening when I think of how much work, effort and pain has gone into his preparation to date. It seems so unfair. I can't imagine how he is feeling right now.
Nic talked me into trying powerlifting in October 2005 sitting backstage at my last bodybuilding competition. I was disappointed with my results, and basically said that I liked bodybuilding but it wasn't quite right - not really the "thing for me". So 2 months later I started training with Nic and had to learn how to deadlift, and relearn how to squat and bench. He was incredibly patient and motivating, and when I look back on how appalling I must have been I am surprised that anyone could have seen that I would develop into a reasonable lifter so quickly.
Nic always focuses me on the objective, knowing that this is a physically punishing sport and preparations don't go smoothly so you can't read too much into the occasional bad session, or small injury, or weight gain etc.
Nic is a patient teacher, and incredible support, and a superb lifter. I love training with him, and look forward to success for both of us on the lifting platform now and in the future.


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