Friday, April 27, 2007

I am at Starbuck's at KL airport on the way home to Brissy. It has been a very busy time here with work, although Michael and I were able to hav some time together. I found a new favourite Designer, Karen Miller, and bought some great work gear. Apparently there is a store in Sydney so I will need to have a look there when I am in Sydney in May.
I have one more day's "rest", and then I go back to training on Monday. Right now I am so tired, the thought of doing hard lifting work is pretty awful - it only takes a week off. I will need to cut back my food treats, and get back into cardio training as well. I imagine the next few weeks will see me struggling with some lactic acid pain.
Tomorrow I am going to the local INBA comp to support a few people I know that are competing. I haven't been to a body building comp in a long time, so it will be interesting hanging out with the "orange people".
My flight is being called...

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