Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am feeling rather pleased and happy today. I have thought about my performance on Sat, and I am happy with all my attempts - both successful and not. I have learnt more about competing, preparation and what work I need to do for further progression. I am particularily happy about how I managed my weight and nutrition prior to the comp, as well as my comp day performance nutrition and recovery food. I have pulled up well, and will just continue to refine this process.

So how did I feel about my lifts?

Squat - 2 good solid lifts at 95/100kgs. While I didn't get my 3rd attempt of 105kg, I did in fact get it up but unfortunately I lost control of the weight before I could rack it. I know I have it in me. I am pleased with my set up technique and depth. I need to work on the finish and do more work with the really heavy weights. I will also get a better squat suit, which may assist.

Bench - 2 solid lifts 57.5/62.5kgs. Failed 65kgs. It was simply too heavy. 62.5kgs is aPB, and considering my recent augementation and recovery and the chronic shoulder issues I am impressed with this, and am looking forward to further progress as my shoulder gets more stable.

Deadlift - attempt 1; 122.5kg - warm up lift. Attempt 2; 130kgs was a new PB. I really worked for this, and I was so incredibly nervous before the lift. 130kgs is a big lift for a 55kg woman and I am so pleased with this and my progress in the deadlift. My 3rd attempt was 132.5kgs, and I pulled this about 2/3 of the way, but just couldn't lock it out. I absolutely gave it my all and on the day it was too heavy. I am very quick off the ground, and I could probably get another 10kgs up but I need to work on the strength at the top of the lift. This means that a 140kg lift at Nationals is a real possibility; based on an upper body strength increase in training over the next 14 weeks.

My new total is 292.5kgs - the same comp last year, which was my first, my total was 245kgs. My plan is that this time next year, my blog is recording another 50kg increase in PB total!

After my comp I had the rest of the weekend free to have a few food treats, and I now I have the next 5 days in KL for work, pleasure and a rest from training. Then I will think about Nationals...



Magda said...

Congrats Lisa,

thats a fantastic result. Well done.


Splice said...

Your a champ Lisa!
I have so much respect for powerlifting and can appreciate what you went through on the day.
Awesome results.

Lisa said...

Thanks girls. It is a long tough day - but well worth it!

Andj said...

way to go Lisa,
I watched the vids at PE and you are pretty amazing - so much focus! But that is why you have gotten to where you are at!

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