Thursday, April 19, 2007

It is a new day!

I slept so well, and while I was still up early this morning I am feeling very calm. While I was in the sauna yesterday I did some stretching and realised my lower back was very tight and I was holding a lot of tension and emotion. I had my massage therapist concentrate on loosing up my back, and as a result I am breathing deeper and my chest/heart has opened up. So that heavy knot in the top of the stomach that can be so debilitating has gone.......ahhhhhhhhhhh!

So what will today bring? Excitment and nerves!!

Weight is 56.4kgs - perfect. I will have a day of good nutrition, but cut my water intake by 1/3 to flush out 500gms. I also have a 6pm sauna booked if I need to pull any more water out. I will go into my comp tomorrow well nourished.

At 8am I am doing a technique and light lifting session with my coach. There are quite a few rules around what is a legal lift, and in all the excitment it is easy to forget these seemingly small yet crucial points.

Mid morning, my Mum arrives, then 4pm my Step Dad arrives. I also need to take Tim to boxing after school.

Tonight I will prepare my food for tomorrow.


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