Thursday, April 05, 2007

Progress is the only way I can describe my week. It has been a rollercoaster of a week, and not all like I expected it to turn out. This time last week, my work financial year had just finished, my health was better and I was ready to focus and roll at 3 weeks to comp. Then I had gastro for more than a week, which of course caused issues with nutrition, energy and training. So I was not able to achieve some of the lifting I had planned on, however I did finish on a high with my deadlift coming to the rescue in the 11th hour!

So the progress is that if I take all the emotions out of the week, I improved all lifts and in fact I am doing 3 reps at 5kgs below my 1 rep personal best on all lifts. This means, that assuming I keep lifting as Nic has planned, my first attempt at comp will be either a PB or just over. You gotta be happy with that! I also have some new equipment arriving this week, which will assist my strength.

Just an aside, Alex who Nic also trains and competes in the 60kg div, benched 70kgs for 3 reps this week - that is mad! You go girl!

So the summary

Squat - 95kgs, 3 sets, 3 reps. A little weaker than I would have liked. I am looking forward to a better session on Tuesday at full health to equal my PB of 100kgs. I wear my small Inzer squat suit as well. It is 2 sizes smaller and this will be challenging! (but secretly so much fun!).

Bench - 55kgs, 3 sets, 3 reps. Good solid lifting. Nothing explosive, but steady progress. I may have my new bench shirt by Wed, and in any case I expect to do about 57.5kgs, maybe 60kgs in the smaller shirt.

Deadlift - old faithful. 117.5kgs, 2 sets, 120kgs, 1 set all at 3 reps. I was on the recovery by Thursday morning, I put Alanis Morissett on the CD player, had a berocca and a coffee and dug deep. YES! I am BACK! Should have my new super deadlift suit by next Sat and it will be my last session before comp. No predicitions - no limitations!


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