Sunday, April 29, 2007

Well...back to it! I have a lot of work to do over the next week to catch up and plan for the year ahead. I am planning on getting on top of my work over the next week.

It is 12 weeks next Saturday to the National Powerlifting Titles. I go back to training tomorrow, and I will also use this week to arrange my training schedule for the next 3 months. I need to consider my 4 PL sessions as well as fitting in bikram yoga, plyometrics and stair running. I would also like to do some sprint training as many options, and I need to ensure I get enough rest as well. In fact leading up to my last comp I had a lot of rest which I am used to now. I think it will be quite tough ramping up again.



Splice said...

Hi Lisa!
I can't tell how wonderful it was to met you in person. Im glad we had the chance.

Lisa said...

Me too, and well done!

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