Thursday, May 10, 2007

It is funny how sometimes things just work out, especially when you didn't think you where ever going to get a break.
My work has been manic - even thinking about explaining it makes my blood pressure rise. I am also incredibly sore from my new training regime, and I had a massage and and sauna tonight to combat both the stress and pain. When I got home I was thinking I had no idea how I was going to back up tomorrow for a big deadlifting session, and there was a message that training is postponed - what a relief! It also means I can stay up a bit later and pick up my hubby from his work, and get to spend some time with him. A day off and time with my baby - very de stressing.
I know I will need to make up my training, but I will be ready for it. Now I am ready for a DAY OFF!

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