Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not happy today. I am having a recurrance of gastro. I don't think I have been well for more than 5 days in a row for the past 3 months. While all the illness are minor, I am getting worn down.

I am sure that most of it it due to the enduring stress that I suffer due to my professional life. Stress is toxic!


Anonymous said...

garlic, eat garlic lots of garlic natures very own special antibiotic....that will help "kill" any bugs in your system.
Hope you can bet this

Lisa said...

Thanks..I will give it a go!

Spartze said...

Hey Lisa - hope your feeling better soon. Healing thoughts your way. I got rid of my toxic stress ie work - I resigned on Saturday. Officially outta here come June 18th :-)

Speak with you soon

Splice said...

You must start to think of ways to fit more rest time into your busy life. My goodness you are so run down and your body is trying to "make" you rest.
I hope you get better and stronger very soon.

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