Friday, June 01, 2007

The balance is restored.
What a great week I have had. It has been once of the best in a long time. I have just finished all my training for this week, which has gone incredibly well, I am about to go and have a sauna, massage and acupuncture. Life is good.

This week I did;
  • 4 power lifting session that were all strong.
  • 2 spin classes in which I caned myself
  • 1 Bikram yoga class that energised me, and
  • 1 power walk.

My sauna and massage sessions will be the second for the week too for both. Tomorrow the familyis catching up with some friends for a light bush walk and then lunch at Mt Glorious - lets' hope it is.

Work is less stressful too - there's an added bonus.


LizN said...

There is nothing better than giving the bike a good caning is there.
Have a great picnic tomorrow!

Liz N

Lisa said...

Thanks Liz.

My friends think I am going to put them to shame...but it is rest day and I will be the one bringing up the rear in the walk.

Looking forward to eating some yummy food too!!!


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