Monday, June 04, 2007

It is just under 8 weeks to Nationals and it was squat day today. 70kgs for 6 reps. It was solid squatting, and I am pretty happy with the session. I ended the morning with some rack deadlift, and Nic put the last 2 sets at 120kgs which was a bit of a shock as I haven't lifted that heavy in a while. I thought my back may have been a bit stiff tonight, but all seems ok. I did a pretty vigorous walk home which hopefully will move the lactic acid out! I will see tomorrow morning at spin how I have recovered - my butt is feeling a little sore though.


Anonymous said...

Lactic acid is a real killer. No pain no gain wonder woman. LOL!! ;o)

Lisa said...

Yes, so true..but why so much pain?

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