Thursday, June 21, 2007

So what is happening?

My bench press is still going gang busters. I benched 55kgs yesterday, and I am going to give 60kgs a crack on saturday - this is with no bench shirt. A significant increase in the past 2 months. My comp PB is 62.5kgs and that is with a bench shirt, so my goal of a new PB of 70kgs looks very good.

work is stressful....oh well

My weight is still a little high, and I am going to have to work a bit harder at it I think - oh well I am happy to be a kg or so above where I want to be right now for the strength increases I am having.


Nic said...

Hi Lisa,
I came across your blog via Magda. I will be very interested to watch your progress. I've beend told by some people that I should do powerlifting but I don't know anyone who does it and have never even seen a competition so am interested in reading your blog.
Just out of interest - what weight class do you compete in?
I weigh about 62kg and when I do chest I bench ~65kg (sets of 10-12) and have no idea if that is good for my weight or not. Therefore I have no idea if I am strong & should consider powerlifting or forget it and just stick to bodybuilding! Sorry for the long comment! Nic

Lisa said...


I think everyone should try powerlifting! Just so you know I lift at 56kgs, so of you are doing 65kgs for reps that is strong. A powerlifitng bench requires you to bring the bar down and stop in contact with the chest for one second, then drive up. Give that a go and see what your lifts are - then you will be able to tell.
Powerlifitng is wonderful for the body and extremly healthy as you are living as an athlete, not someone who trains a lot and does crazy thing nutritionally.


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