Saturday, June 23, 2007

So what news do I have to deliver in my update 5 weeks to Nationals?

I have to say it has been a very good week. My knee started to become a little unstable again, but that didn't effect my training at all. I lifted in the 5 rep range and had very strong lifts all round. My weight has dropped a few hundred more grams, and as a strength athlete that is exactly what I am after.

I guess the big news is that I did a 60kg bench, with no bench shirt. I am just 2.5kgs off my comp best (a shirt gives about another 7.5kgs), and I am still 5 weeks out. I was very nervous and the big plates either side are always a mind challenge for me. While it wasn't the best lift I have ever done, it built a lot of confidence.

So my round up is;

  • Squat 75ks
  • Bench 55kgs (1 at 60kgs)
  • Deadlift 105kgs
  • 2 spin classes
  • couple of walks
  • 1 massgae
  • 2 sauna's

The week ahead is the last week of 5 reps, and then the following week I go to using suits, wraps and bench shirt.

But, today is my favourite day of the week - REST DAY!

keep strong


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