Saturday, July 14, 2007

13 days to go................

In fact this time in 2 weeks I will be about to go out to my favourite cafe for breakfast without a care about the nutrient balance of the meal I am about to order.

I am in extremely good shape right now. The body is strong with no injuries, and my bruises etc from the equipment are all healing quickly. I am sleeping pretty well, and my recovery seems solid. My focus now is the last 5 heavy sessions, then bringing my weight down carefully to hit the scales at 56kgs. Rest is also key right now. My lifting this week was;

  • Squat 4 reps @ 95kgs
  • Bench 4 reps @ 65kgs
  • Dead 3 resp @ 125kgs

I have also had;

  • 4 saunas
  • 2 massages/acupuncture sessions

I have also done a few walks to move the lactic acid around. As a result of all of this I am feeling a lot stronger and much less fatigued than my run into State's.

I am being careful and cautious, and am getting excited. (although I have to admit to be really looking forward to a red wine and big carb recovery meal after I lift!)


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