Sunday, July 15, 2007

I have had a great weekend.

I did a light bench work out yesterday morning then a sauna, massage and accupuncture. Today I had a cruisy morning then I went into town and bought a fabulous overcoat from Alannah Hill. Everything was 20% off and I have been waiting for their sale to buy the coat. I don't really need one here in Brisbane, but I am travelling to Sydney this week and Michael and I are also going to Melbourne for a few days in mid August, so I will definately need it then. We had lunch at our favourite local cafe and then bought the bikes. We rode around on the bikes for a bit, then I rode it to the sauna. I felt so free and happy riding up and down the small hills to James St Market near my home.

It is funny how something so simple can be so destressing. As the bike is quite "retro" and bright pink I had quite a few comments on it. The seat is low and the handle bars are high so it is very comfortable to ride. I only plan on riding in the local area, however I can take it to the gym (once my comp is over and I am not lugging my huge PL bag), to the sauna, market, massage therapist, and to my sisters. The seats on the bikes go up and down very easily so you can comfortable put your feet on the ground while sitting on the seat, so I expect the kids will take them out too. The seats are the best though; they are really wide and comfory so my PL butt has plenty of room.

I feel a long way from work stress and the pressure of Nationals right now - what is that saying from Sex and the City.

"Breathe and reboot"

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