Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy 40th!!

Last night, my girlfriend and I celebrated our 40th birthdays. We were born 3 days apart in the same hospital in small country town and went to the same schools, played in the same hockey team, went on holidays together and all those other things that best friends do.

So it was only fitting that we celebrated this milestone together, and the fun doesn't stop there. Today we fly out to Italy together (with our partners of course) to continue the celebrations.

As you can see last night there were no power belts or gym hair in sight.

With my Mum

My family

 Michael (xx)

I am about to go pack my bags for Italy!!


Anonymous said...

*wolf whistle* How gorgeous do you look Lisa. You're smokin'! ;o)

Have a great holiday and don't do anything I wouldn't do. LOL!! :o)

Lia xx

Lisa said...

Good morning!

Thanks and I will have a great time.


Nicholas said...

Happy Bithday!

Lisa, looks like a fab party, would have loved to help you celebrate. The 40s are the golden years of powerlifting. You should see big improvments over the next 10 years.

Have fun in Italy, I look forward to some cultural commentary.


Lisa said...

I am just coping with 40, and I not sure I want to think about being any older....eek!

I will get Michael to help with the cultural commentary. As you know he tells a story with much more detail than I do!!

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Have an awesome trip and HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Ciao Bella Regazza :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...You are looking too hot to trot Lisa!!

Have a fantastic time in Italy, look forward to seeing an update of your trip!!

Fern x

Gregg said...

happy birthday lisa
hope you really enjoy your trip

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