Friday, September 07, 2007

This is my last lift at Nationals this year - 135kgs. I had a tough deadlift session yesterday, due to fatigue and a number of other factors that distracted my effort, and at sessions like that 135kgs seems to be an impossible lift; I need to remind myself I can do it. I struggled to get the weight off the ground yesterday which is very unusual for me as I have good explosive power in those legs.
It hit home that I need to be on top of my nutrition, including nutrient balance everyday without exception, and the distractions that make the mind wander need to be left at the gym door. I have developed routines for preparing myself for each session, and I can't deviate if I am to be a successful athlete.


Lia Halsall said...

Awesome photo! On days like those when you walk into the gym you just have to let go of everything else and focus on the task at hand, I know you can do this. ;o) xx

Lisa said...

Thanks Lia. I usually do, but I let stuff get it me yesterday.

Nic said...

Hi Lisa,
Very exciting times for you. Your blog gives a great insight into powerlifting and how hard you train. Getting your Aussie team tracksuit will be a real buzz too - not many can say they have representted Australia - a fantastic achievement.
Good luck with the rest of your prep,

combatgirl said...

Hi Lisa,

We all have days where things get to us. As long as they happen far in between and we can recover from them is the important thing. You are doing great.


Combat Girl

Lisa said...

Hi girls,

Thanks for the encouragement. The daily grind can really be tough, not to mention the pain!


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