Friday, November 30, 2007

"One down and one to go. If I know you, you'll over come this last one with flying colours Lisa. Let it go and have faith in yourself and those around you. :o)"

- thanks Lia - how can you know me so well?

I had a very rough day yesterday as I struggled with the weight increase from TOM. It is easy to rationale these things, but 6 days out from your first international comp rationale often flies out the window and you are left with a very tired, emotional, wound up and frustrated powerlifter! I have to admit to having a cry last night too.

However after 10 hours sleep and a 800gm fluid drop, I am back on track..........

In 2 hours I will be squatting for the last time before comp. I have 3 people assisting me today. This sport is amazing when you get world class athletes offering their time to help a relative novice athlete like me.

I know when the bar is loaded on the platform I am alone, but the support I have received from this forum, family, friends and the powerlifting community is the reason I am even on that platform at all. Thanks to everyone here.

I had better go and stir up a bit of testosterone to nail these squats!!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

You have made me cry after reading your blog. I completely understand what TTOM can do to your mind and body with fluid retention. IT SUCKS!!

As for your powerlifting achievements, WOW, you are humble. You're up there lifting the heavy weights everyone else is doing the easy stuff like supporting you (that's not hard when you have a committed athlete).

Glad everything worked out with the shirt. Proud of you and soooo excited for you.

Combat Girl xxxx

Anonymous said...

It's easy, there's an obvious trend. If you go back and re-read through previous posts leading up to competing both back in figure and now your powerlifting you'll see that your trains of thought repeat themselves. Use this as a learning tool to evaluate what happens each time so that you know and understand that it's ALL NORMAL. It's your competition process and there needs to be balance of which there is. But for an athlete anything less can rock our confidence when in actual fact it shouldn't. Take the good with the bad, like yin and yang. Then at the end of it all there's the balance and calm you need to perform.

After all, you are WONDER WOMAN!

Lia xx

Lisa said...

Thanks girls....less than 5 days and we find out if I really am Wonder Woman!

Anonymous said...



Fern xxx

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