Sunday, December 02, 2007

Focus and nerves.

This was taken just over a year ago at a local comp. I don't recall what I was listening to, but I do know it was before my squat and I was running thru my technique. This is what I have been doing today. It is a simple lift, but sometimes you forget the most simple things under pressure.

  • Take my time
  • feet under the bar and get the pacement on my back correct.
  • big breath, stand up and control the weight.
  • stay tight...3 steps only back.
  • head up, pause control the weight
  • receive the signal to squat
  • big breath fill the chest, push it to the stomach against my belt
  • lock elbows down, close my mouth.
  • lift



Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,

I just wanted to wish you the very best for Thursday. I know you are prepared and I believe that you will achieve great results and you will come home a winner.

Be proud of yourself as we are so proud of you. I hope your lifts are precise and spot on for you.

Good luck sweetie, you have achieved so much even by just standing on that platform.

Go Lisa, Go Lisa, Go Lisa.

Combat Girl

Splice said...

Hey Lisa,
All the best in NZ.
I can't wait until you get back so we can meet up at the gym and you can kill me ;-)
Deb xx

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