Friday, December 21, 2007

I am feeling pretty happy right now as I reflect on the past year. I am planning on putting a post together on my successes, failures and surprises from 2007, but right now I thought I would share that all is pretty fine with this power lifter.

The first week back from NZ was a struggle, however I have integrated back into my day job and can report another quarter of over achievement. Other than being professionally satisfying it means that my PL plans for next year are funded! Yeah! Family life is smooth and we are all looking forward to a beak down in Melbourne with hubby's family.

Despite the change from pre competition nutrition and multiple Xmas parties on my return my nutrition has been consistent and my weight is stable (not to mention my moods). I seem to have had a real transformation during this last comp prep and now understand that to compete at a high level what I eat, how I train and how I recover everyday counts ( I will never forget that 200gms that cost me the gold). More importantly there is no sacrifice involved.

I am really enjoying going back to basics on my training as it has reinvigorated me with the thought always being in my mind that these changes will make me stronger. Powerlifting is 3 simple lifts, but I am feeling like they are new to me.

I am almost done with my Aust Strength and Conditioning Level 1 coaching study, and start my supervised coaching in the New Year with my first client. I am so excited about helping other women develop strong, functional bodies. Here's hoping that 2008 will see more women moving the big iron.

I am off for a walk along the river - have a great day.



Raechelle said...

Congrads again on all of your achievments-you are an inspiration!
Have a great holiday and good luck in 2008!

Combat Girl said...

Hi Lisa,

It is empowering when everything comes together. You look gorgeous and healthy. Its also great that you have the mood swingy thing under control. That's the hardest for most people.

Enjoy your break.

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