Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Power of Consistency

Over the past 9 months I have trained for and competed in 3 Powerlifting competitions. I have won a National title, gained selection in the Aust team, and won a silver at the Commonwealth Titles. In this time my total PB has increased by 30kgs from 285kgs to 315kgs. I have not had any injuries that have prevented me from training and my weight has stayed within a 4kg range - despite some serious hypertrophy.

I believe my recent success is due to consistency. As a lot of people in blogger land have a major interest in nutrition I will start there first........

I eat the same types of food day in and day out pre and post comp, with enough variety for sanity. In fact I think the body needs consistency of nutrition more after a comp to heal and wild swings in nutrition not only prevent recovery, they play havoc with your hormones and we all know the downward spiral that leads too.

I invest a serious amount of time to ensure that I have access to the correct nutrition, and it is available when I need to eat it. I make sure that the balance of nutrients is correct every day so I keep my energy levels up while being mindful that I need to keep my weight in check for my weight division. This behaviour is second nature to me and can't imagine eating any way. I love my food.

Just a final note to say that pre and post work out nutrition is key to athletic performance and if anyone is training without nurturing their bodies before or after a work out you have just wasted your training session and lost the opportunity to improve yourself

I guess I can say ditto to the above. I have a range of supplements that I take mainly for recovery and maintenance purposes and I follow the same routine daily. The 2 "must haves" for me are fish oil and vital greens.

Recovery & maintenance protocols
I have weekly massages, acupuncture and stretching therapy. I also do sauna protocols 2-3 times a week. The faster you can recover, the stronger you will be and the more you will improve at your next training session. If I am tired I rest. My belief is it is better to do prehab than rehab. Recovery is key.

I know that if I am consistent with all these things, my body will respond. Sometimes it may take time, but it will repond the way my team and I need it to.

Respect your body and it will perform for you


Liz Nelson looks after my nutrition, so please visit her if you need help or advice.


Raechelle said...

Great tips!
Congrads again on your achievements!

Lisa said...

Thanks again.

there are no secrets in this & consistency is boring because it means it is all about hard work....but it works for me.

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