Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Slave driver!!!

My coach may look all smiles and pleasant 10 mins after the medal ceremony, however my 1 week of rest is up and I am back into the gym in 3 hours time. Apparently as I have no injuries and I have pulled up well means I should be training.

The next comp for me is the Aust Junior and Masters in Melbourne the last week of April, so we have 4 months to execute "the plan". I know I agreed to "the plan", but I am thinking I may have been in a post comp state of confusion. The components look like this;


  • 3 days PL training consisting of all 3 lift each day - ouch.
  • 4th day will be to build upper body size and strength for bench improvement


  • Working with Aust squat legend one day per week to change my feet position and tweak other form weaknesses.
  • Changing deadlift style from conventional to sumo.


  • I am changing bench shirt brands. I will need to work with the Titan shirt 1 day per week to adjust to the benching style.
  • I will order a smaller squat suit.


  • maintain nutrition and recovery protocols as they seemed to work very well for me
  • maintain body weight at 57/58kgs for the entire preparation.

For those of you that are in Melbourne I will keep you updated on the comp date and venue, but it would be great to have a support crew come and watch. It is generally free, and if you stick around to watch the 82.5kg - 100kg men you get to see some great bodies under tension!!!!!!



Anonymous said...


Combat Girl

Lisa said...

Yeah! It will be great to meet you too.

Friday said...

Hey lisa,
Im in Melbourne. I would love to come, pls count me in also.

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