Monday, January 21, 2008

How does being that strong make you feel?

I was having a catch up with 2 new friends tonight, and we were talking about strength training, positive life choices and heaps of other wellness related topics. The question put to me was that; "it is impressive the amount that you lift and women are interested in that, but how does being that strong make you feel?" It made me think that I write a lot about lifting a number ...50kgs, 120kgs...but what does that mean to my every day life.

I don't want to over use an excellent word, but I would say empowered.

When I walk down the street I am light on my feet, my body is firm when I run to make the lights at the pedestrian crossing. When I am in a confronting situation my physical strength gives me emotional power. My strong body gives me confidence, then more confidence everyday. I feel like this is the way I should have always felt - empowered!



Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more, the feeling of empowerment is wonderful, whether its through increased knowledge, fitness or strength. Well done on achieving something awesome, u continue to inspire me.

Combat Girl said...

WOW Lisa


Lyndsay said...

Yes, YES! So true!

Lisa said...

I am pleased you all agree.


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