Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photo by Dallas Olsen

Preparing for battle

It is 9 weeks today to my next Competition; Aust Juniors & Masters April 19-20 in Melbourne. The past 6 weeks have been spent building overall body strength working the muscles from all angles. I have achieved a good result and increased my strength and lifted some great PB's in training. I have also addressed some technique issues. On the nutriton front the past 5 weeks have been used to detox, balance hormones and build mental toughness - and I can attest that has happened. I have also lost 1.5kgs on the scales and all of that is bf as I have managed to add lean muscle as well. So this has been the optimum result.

I have next week as a "deload and recovery week". There will be 3 low volume lifitng sessions, 3 HIIT sessions, 3 saunas, 2 massages and a facial!

The following week I start the official preparation with focus on the 3 lifts using gear. I will also be loosing another 2.5kgs with precise nutrient timing to maximise lifting performance while dropping the last 2-3% bf. From Monday 3rd March it is game on...........



Combat Girl said...

wow Lisa,

Love that pic, that is FANTASTIC!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pic

Good Luck with all your training (not that u will need it) coming up to the next comp.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that pic!!! How bloody unreal is it!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies..all I did was stand there.

Combat Girl said...

Yeah but how well did you stand there!! LOL

It just looks awesome, I wouldnt mind a framed one for my pt studio. Will have to talk about that one I think!!

Lisa said...

Sure thing CG...I would love to be used as inspiration!

Raechelle said...

Cool shot!

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