Monday, February 04, 2008

Strength and Conditioning coaching for junior female rowers.

I am very excited about the news that from next week I will join the Somerville House Rowing Coaching team as a voluntary strength and conditioning coach. I will be training the squad going to National Titles, then work with the First 8 through the following rowing season. This will be about 2 gym sessions per week.

The Director of Rowing is a very experienced rowing coach, and I will be learning so much from him. In our discussions today I was so pleased to hear that as a result of his Russian background and training, his is stressing the importance of speed and power moves with the girls.

I can't wait to get these teenage athletes in the gym and build speed and strength with high pulls, power cleans, squats etc. I feel so greatful to get the chance to contribute to developing strong and fit young women.

Busy, busy.



Lyndsay said...

Congrats! That will be so much fun - for you and the girls, lucky them to have you as a coach!

Combat Girl said...

Thats excellent!!

Enjoy the experience.


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