Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I started to write a post on Momentum early this week. For some reason I didn't finish it and post it up. However this morning as I weighed in just 100gms over my Sat target weight, my post is almost prophetic. I am not sure if it is the power of positive thought, but it worked!

Here is my unfinished post from Monday.....

I really think that often the difference between mediocrity and brilliance is the ability to maintain momentum. Momentum is a balancing act of walking the fine line between obsession and burn out, and focus and pacing yourself.

One week ago I changed my weekly calorie and carb fluctuations to kick start my weight drop. Today I can see another ab peaking thru my mid- section and I am a couple hundred grams down, however I have set myself a scale weight target of 59.5kgs at the 5 week mark from competition – this sat. Do I up the cardio and drop just 100 calories per day to make my target? What effect would this have? Yes I am more likely to make my target, but I will be tired when I do my Powerlifting training, performing less than optimal and walking a fine line of fatigue. I need to keep the momentum up, but minimise the obsessive behaviour that can be damaging to my long term goal. This can get really tough when all I want is to get to weight ASAP, so I don’t need to worry about it and I can focus on being strong and well recovered. However I need to be patient and keep the balance in my week so I can achieve all my goals, not just one.

I wish you all a positive day!



LizN said...

Hi my 59kg sister :) Keep it going, power of positive thought is a great thing.


Lisa said...

Sure is Liz....and 58kgs is just 2 weeks and 14 days of positive energy to go!


Anonymous said...

I am going to call you Wise Wonder Woman.


Lisa said...

Ha, very cute Theo!

Splice said...

Hey Lisa,
I love your header. it's awesome!
I hope you are keeping that momentum up, i'm sure you are :-)

Sorry we didn't get a chance to train together, i'm mostly disappointed as I would have loved some expert PL tips from you.

I am only about two weeks away from my breast aug and am so busy until then getting everything prepared so i can have two weeks off work.

Then there will be the recovery.

I do hope we can try sometime this year!

Take care,


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