Monday, March 10, 2008

Squat training didn't go well today - in fact I didn't squat at all. I was in great spirits, and just as I finished my warm up my knee started to feel wrong. Cutting a long story short, I wasn't able to squat at all.
I have an appointment with a specialist tomorrow and I will finally find out what is going on. While I am being positive, I am prepared to face the fact that I may need to sit out the April comp to rehab the knee properly. In any case not being able to squat for a few weeks so close to comp will effect my results. Fortunately Australian Nationals are on in July, where I can also qualify for World Titles, so I do get second chance this year. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

I will be thinking of you tomorrow and i have my fingers crossed for some good news.

Coffee easter saturday sounds good :-)

Lisa said...

I am prepared to sit this comp out to fix. I don't want to, but I need to consider the long term.

Easter Sat is a date.


Helen said...

Refer to last week's post about management of injuries... this is not new to you, and you do that very well.

LizN said...

Dear Lisa,

I am sorry to hear about this - you can email me if you need more recs/help. As I said Peter Stanton is a whizz with sporting injuries.


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