Sunday, March 23, 2008

Winning the battles
I am 5 weeks from QLD State Titles, and while the past couple of weeks have been tough I am definitely in the winning position. I feel justified in saying I have really earned this position too.
Looking at my lifting, after months of corrective squat technique work and recently recurring knee and shoulder injuries that have impacted my training I feel like I am in a strong position today. This week I squatted 105-1o7.5kgs for 2 reps which is 20kgs more than I have done in the past month. Rod wanted to test were each lift was at, so the squat looks strong I just need to do more work under heavy load to solidify the new technique. I did conventional deadlifts for the first time in a while well and pulled 2 good lifts at 125kgs under less than perfect conditions. Both of these lifts looks fresh and strong and 5 weeks of heavy load will have me peaking at the right time. I didn't bench this week due to my shoulder but I have been happy with my bench progress and to be honest a week off is not such a bad thing.
The physiotherapist I have been referred to has in very short time, sorted out the root cause of my recurrent issues and short of saying he is a GOD I have nothing else to say! In the past 2 weeks he has corrected my foot alignment, left patella/tibia alignment, posterior tilted pelvis, left scapula alignment and repositioned 2 ribs. I was in severe pain and without treating the injuries at all, I was pain free 2 days later each time. I guess it goes to show that the body heals well when in alignment. I will move ahead this year injury free and stronger than before as my body is much more efficient now.
My body decided that it didn't want to move from 15% bodyfat or around 60kgs, and I had plateaued for 3 weeks. However with Krista on the case and after she gave me a serve about really believing it can happen, she sent me some new protocols and today I am 1kg lighter than last week. This puts me back on track and I am only 1.5kgs, and 2% bf, above my goal weight which I intend to stay at this year to enable smoother comp preparations. I have to admit to occasionally slipping back into the self pity moments of "my body just won't drop weight", but it is my goal in the next week to totally banish these thoughts. It can, it has and this past week has just proved it. Krista has also increased my carbs this week, so the old "carb intolerant" rubbish doesn't stand a chance with her on the job. My daily diet this week looks like this.
Wake - supps and HIIT
Meal 1: 45gms carbs, 30 gms protein
Meal 2: 20gms protein, 5gm smart fats, 1 serve veggies
Meal 3: 30gms protein, 10gms smart fats, serve veggies
Supps - work out
P/W : 45gms carbs, 30 gms protein, supps
Meal 4: 20gms protein, 5gm smart fats, 1 serve veggies
Meal 5: 30gms protein, 10gms smart fats, serve veggies
Supps - bed
I am about to start the last 4 days of my corporate job, and this time next week I will be stress free!! - well that kind of stress anyway. I am starting to realise the incredible impact stress has had on my life both physically and emotionally and I will never get myself so wound up again. This is a promise to myself. However my company is so keen to keep me they have offered a 2 day per week flexible, no strings attached offer to keep my knowledge and skills, even if only in the short term. I never thought this was possible and although I am still taking all of April off, I will go back 2 days from May to supplement my income - afterall a powerlifter does eat a lot (even a little one!)
Stay Strong.


Raechelle said...

Glad things are looking up again Lisa! And really glad all your aches and pains have healed.
Good luck!

Lisa said...

Hey Raechelle, I am pleased to be in the position i am right now.


Lyndsay said...

It's all falling into place for you! That's so geat to hear!!

Lisa said...

Thanks Lyndsay. I do feel great!


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