Wednesday, April 02, 2008

In stark contrast to yesterday, I had a wonderful relaxed day. I started that day by training 2 PL clients, then went off the gym myself for a recovery session. I made a sensational egg white and oats pancake for breakfast, then I met Liz for lunch and we had a great time chatting and catching up; it is wonderful to have nowhere to have to rush off to. I went back to the gym to do my HIIT session this afternoon and I am about to have dinner and relax.
However just before lunch I had a Thai foot massage at a spa near my home............oh! I am addicted.


Ezza said...

Mmmm massage.... I am a very lucky girl, because this Saturday, I am booked in for my birthday present (was in March) from Lee - it is FOUR HOURS at the beautician... "Geisha spa" (spa with my choice of mud, seaweed, etc), full-body massage, facial and pedicure... I can't wait!!! :-)

Antigone said...

OOO I want one of them :)
You earnt it hun, what a lovely way to end your day :)

Lisa said...

Erica, you are lucky!!
Em - it was a great treat, but today it is back to he heavy weights!


Anonymous said...

I have been eyeing that spa up for awhile. I think i will just have to go ahead and treat myself since you have given it such a great review :-)

Wednesday morning sounds great. I still have no clue what i have to work next week but i usually manage to sweet talk my way into having the days i want off :-)

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