Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On Monday I did a web cast interview with Lindy Olsen and it is on her site today. Go and have a look and you can hear me talk about a few things that are important to me. Just scroll to the bottom of her home page.


Raechelle said...

Good interview!

Lisa said...

Thanks Raechelle, we had such a fun time doing it!

Splice said...

The interview was great Lisa. Things are just moving in the right direction for you hun, it is so good to see.
I loved what you said about putting it out to the universe and believing, very true.

Lisa said...

It is true Deb, but you have to take the chance first!

Splice said...

Good point :-)

RaeC said...

I loved reading your post on where you came from. Everyone has such a story of inspiration behind them and it was great to read about yours.

I also loved your comment on the video diary about training your mind... I definitely think that is applicable to any sport and couldn't agree more. Training your mind is, in my opinion, more important than training your body... of course training your body helps!!

I love that Lindy is doing these videos... they're great!!

Keep training hard xxx

Lisa said...


So many people touch on the power of the mind, but until you live I don't think you get it.
I have read your blog, and cleary you do as you live your on and off season very much the same - balanced.

Thanks for dropping by.

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