Thursday, May 01, 2008

The past month has changed my world, and I am so honored to have some amazing people in my life. People who live their lives with integrity and passion and bring a positive life force to my world.
The next phase of my training is designed to take me to the next level of competition, and the intensity steps up. Krista has set the following goals for me.
  • 130 kg squat
  • 150 kg deadlift
  • 80 kg bench press
  • Tighter more focused / controlled form and execution in all 3 lifts
  • Strengthen structural balance weaknesses
  • Think bigger ("you are a 130 kg squatter and are simply underachieving - do better!")
  • Continue to improve body comp and sugar management / carb tolerance

I am adding the following for myself

  • add 3kgs of lean muscle while maintaining 57kgs

I'd better get to bed as I will need my sleep.



Antigone said...

Sounds fantastic Lisa,
Your confidence in yourself is so refreshing :)

Lisa said...

Thanks EM

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